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This year with tyreek hill. Mccoll hardman and like you said cornell powell i mean everything out of out of Ota's and and you know things like that is that you know core cornell powell looks the part so i'm with you man i. I definitely don't think they need to reach here. Who who would you say you're most excited to see in the wide receiver room that maybe we don't talk about as much. I probably have to say cornell. Powell i just i don't for example. I don't dislike mccoll hartman. I think he's an amazing human being of at a chance to speak with him. He's someone who actually gives you something somebody who cares. I really like mccoll hartman. I think is a great human being i. I'm just not going. Sit here and say i think he's all of a sudden going to break out and have over a thousand yards and ten touchdowns i just. I just don't think that. I don't believe that i don't i. Don't wanna just pander say stuff just to say it. I think you can improve. I think he's going to take take a step forward. I think people and chiefs kingdom though are still going to be upset because of who was drafted after him. I think seven hundred fifty yards seems to be about where i'd go with him. I think probably going to have the second most yards as a receiver on this team harm. I think he's behind Tyreek and you're going to have cornell powell and and derived but the reason why. I'm excited about cornell powell. I think he's going to be the future d- rob. I know that's not sexy. I know that's not what a lot of people wanna hear but were you drafted. Him was not in the first or second round right. he's not supposed to. You're not supposed to draft a guy in the fifth or sixth. Expect him to all of a sudden become a number one legitimate bona fide wide receiver. Someone needs to fill the bigger body wide receiver spots so many to do the dirty work. Someone has to be good at the little things including blocking. I think cornell. Powell will do that extremely well. I think having derived here for one more year to teach him will lend a vast experience to him. So i think the growth of cornell powell to me will be something to watch. Who are you most excited about. Yeah i mean. I i would say so. I've sort of been high on the mccoll hardman train for a while. I mean i'll just put it this way. Like i always kind think the second year is probably the most is probably the toughest for guys in the nfl. Because if you display any kind of explosiveness or elite talent in your rookie season you're going to be at least on the priority list when it comes to defensive coordinators and i just think despite the fact. That mccoll wasn't all pro or anything like that was rookie. I mean he did make the pro ball but he did show that really made you think and especially if you're defense coordinator made you think this guy has the talent at least to be a big factor in this offense.

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