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And it goes on and on of what Sheila Jackson Lee wants to do, and this is just the beginning. Because the Democrats and the left Feel emboldened with Joe Biden. In the White House. So this week. House Oversight Reform Committee chairwoman Carolyn Maloney. She's she's a Bolognese, a Democrat from New York. He presented five gun control bills. Five. One of the bills, according to the Hill is the handgun trigger act. Which aims to encourage the development of smart gun technology, which would only allow authorized gun owners to fire the weapon. Another bill that she is proposing. Is the Gun Trafficking Prevention Act, which seeks to make the purchasing of a gun for an unauthorized person. Ah, felony instead of a misdemeanor. Well only also proposes the Firearms Risk Protection Act. Don't have to come up with these names. These titles. This act would require gun owners to obtain liability insurance. No, no idea what that's gonna cost. What That process is gonna be. My question would be what if you can't get liability Insurance? Does that mean you can't own a gun? Two other bills at the New York Democrat is proposing one is the gun Show Loophole Act. I think you probably know what that means. Which would this would order gun shows sellers to perform background checks and making a lot harder to go into that gun show. You make a purchase and the N I. C S Review Act, which aims at having the FBI hold on the records of the National Instant Criminal background Check system for three months in order to allow the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives Time to evaluate the data. It's just another way that they're trying to That pretty much They've been pretty successful taking our Our first amendments about our freedom of speech away. Now they want to take our second Amendment rights away as well. 1 806 55, Mike 1 806 556453. I'm Joey Hudson and.

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