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So the only other movie that i think i will. Probably mentioned is a movie that he did with cameron diaz in two thousand nine called the box which got quite a bit of a claim for that So it is a very twin peaks movie. Like interesting okay. I will just have to say that you have to keep a very open mind about what is going on in that movie To this day. I'm still unsure whether i liked it or not like i have very mixed feelings about just how weird it got my time. Not gonna watch it. It was certainly original so he keeps a very low profile. He does not He flies coach He's keeps his family very down to earth. He only has one social media and that his instagram and he is at james underscore marsden on instagram But other than that you know he just. He does not want to be a blockbuster actor he picks and chooses the roles that he takes because he wants to do them and he enjoys the work. I love him in this role. I know you're not in love with this. Although it sounds like you're getting more interested in as we go. I love him in this role. Yeah it's it's growing on me. And i think because i idolized the original version and the entire cast in the original version. It is very hard to hold a candle to that so and it's not because of james marsden. I apparently have loved him since. Nineteen ninety eight except that weird cyclops again. Don't blame him. They just portrayed scott summers as a horrible person yes absolutely agri So the only other thing that i would love to say about. James marsden is two things. He is not related to josh marston. but they are very good friends And he actually rehearsed for air. Sorry not rehearsed but When out for a role in full drag in two thousand seven he dressed in drag for an audition to play penelope penelope cruises drag queen best friend in woman on top. He went to twentieth century. Fox dressed from head to toe in heels and dress gray. He let his wife dress him. That's awesome so. I just i think he's a very fun and down to earth guy and Yeah he was in lot more than i remember him. Being an which is the sign of a good actor. Because i see the character and not josh. Mars are james marston. Yeah he had tons of credits. Yeah yeah all right. Well i tell have lots in whispers corner so blast through that pretty quickly screen ran did have an article they are they really are still talking about a comedic spin off in the dead universe which i continue to be horrified about. Hold did a yeah. I'm just not okay without it. No no there are moments that you team is funny. And i'm good with that. It's not a comedy. Yeah so you know. Scott kimball had better not jack this up and i'm trying not use foul language because we don't have clearance to be explicit biden s. I am just there. They are already so close to jumping miss shark and Out outlived living there welcomed. I'm just like just don't please. i'm right there with you. There wasn't announcement that there are two additional cast members in tennessee. So an actor named miles macedon. I hope i'm saying his improperly. Who is known for army wives revolution and mr mercedes. Which is actually stephen king. Property and rodney rowland. Who is known for veronica. Mars x-files ncis twin peaks and csi. It's not announced who they're going to play..

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