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Calling on authorities in Hong Kong to do all they can to de escalate the most recent standoff between security forces and anti government protesters holed up in a university spokesman for the UN's High Commissioner for human rights said concerned about all of the violence by the young people who are very clearly angry with these deep seeded grievances you know if you saw our friend I hope would be from the woody show tweeted yesterday that he was an eyewitness to a car crash and next hour we're gonna talk a little bit more about this both Nick and I drove by this same exact spot yesterday we're very strange crash where a woman was driving naked naked a six year old girl in the backseat was killed a two year old was critically injured and they haven't found the woman it's a bizarre bizarre story but but not just because of the bizarre nature of it there's been a lot of discussion in my house up in the Santa Clarita valley recently about witnessing trauma like this witnessing something like that that can be so dramatic and how it is deal with it so we'll talk a little bit more about that coming up next hour well the night that Jeffrey Epstein was murdered in time then okay I'm just used to people saying that he died right that he killed himself he got died he got died he got it all right so the two guys that were tasked with guarding him that night at the metropolitan correctional center in New York City have been charged today over their failure to check on Jeffrey up steam they're accused of failing to check on him every half hour and then fudge the books to make it look like they had I think this probably goes on more than we know it right I I this isn't necessarily stand out as something that so highly unusual that these guys are going to be you know put away for conspiracy to commit murder whatever but tava no well and Michael Thomas I have been charged officially with falsifying records they have been charged with conspiracy but not conspiracy to commit murder they will face district judge later today in Manhattan because they were not checking on him at the metropolitan correctional center the night that he died the the arrest came after the bureau of prisons director Kathleen hawk Sawyer testified in front of a Senate Judiciary Committee today as well and this was specifically looking into all of this she said the FBI is involved they're looking at criminal enterprise potentially as the reason or how it is the Jeffrey up sting got suicide in his own cell according to the indictment these two prison employees sat at their desks browsed online and hung out in the common area for a substantial portion of their shift in stead of completing the required checks on prisoners that they appeared to be asleep at their desks for about two hours the indictment says that Tober noble used her computer to search for furniture sales and benefit websites during her shift and Michael Thomas allegedly searched online for motorcycle sales and sports news briefly what I am four AM and six AM they were just fifteen feet from obscene sell the entire time the prisoners not just empty but all of the prisoners in that cell block were not checked forty eight entire hours guards discovered Epstein's body at about six thirty in the morning they entered the tear where sting cell was just after six thirty to serve breakfast to the inmates and activated an alarm after they found him unresponsive in his cell with a news around his neck and.

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