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I'm a devil worship or I'm just writing pentagram drawn pentagram. Somebody dad's? Yeah, I am a devil's apprentice. All this shit. The kids they based all this stuff on the fact that he wore t shirts from bands like Metallica guns and roses, and n explicable U2.. I wish to us to be thing. Not a punchline. I just really wish the thing is Metallica used to harness that power of being edgy. Yeah, and then some kind of monster, and I don't think they are some kind of monster. I think there's some kind of emotionally damaged dull. Let's happening group therapy is decidedly on metal. I think it's great that they did it, but I don't wanna see it like making like making fog Rah. I mean, I don't wanna see them the beginning of, I mean, I'll watch it. I'll jerk off to it, but mostly I just I want to see the end result we, but you know, grew ever. Judas priest was evil. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. ACDC was evil. All these bands were evil. I mean how? And that's the other thing those that by the time I was in high school, like I was in high school from ninety seven to two thousand one lie. I had a Metallica shirt, the big flaming skull on fucking head six, six, six written on the fuck and forehead of the skull. People didn't Batta an I. By that point, it was like. Whatever, like it's people didn't Batta fuck. I mean, some of the some people give me shit for it, but for the most part, everyone is I just Marcus who gives a shit, dude. You should think Damien Echols for that because they took the Goff bullet. We were allowed to live like that after a while I had my two shirts. I had my Texas chainsaw massacre shirt, and I had much shirt award, fuck and every day until they fell off my body and I slipped my air back with Tommy hilfiger gel. So what would smell good always want the top your head to smell good. And I'm a black cargo pants that I call them a ghostbuster pants because it was the first time at ever seen pants with a fly on it up until the about the fourteen. I wore little boy shorts and jogging reverted back to that style. Of course after to the better? Yes. We all had our fun shirts. I had the rob zombie demon face shirk. Very cool. Very cool. Indeed. Hey, what's going on guys? This is Henry browse ski for him. Now if you're anything like me, you've been going to a lot of weddings lately or you're about to have a wedding, and you are deep eyebrows, deep in the process of putting it together, which this is prime time for bald spot sightings. And when you check out photos of you, especially those candidates floor photos, the ones where you're drenched. The tequila is making its way through your chest hairs to your shirt, and you kind of see your mid swing, the middle dancing Meatloaf. For some reason, have you spotted a little less hair than expected or maybe your hairline starting to slowly skew Joan back like big man in a chair, trying to fit in Burger King. I don't know. All right, either way. Is this triggering for you like it is for me, it's unfortunate, but not unexpected around sixty six percent of men lose their.

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