Jonathan Blitzer, President Trump, Senate discussed on Fresh Air


Radio this is fresh air i'm cheri grows spoke with jonathan blitzer who covers immigration for the new yorker where he's a staff writer he's written extensively about the predominantly salvadorian gang ms thirteen which carries out gruesome acts of violence and tries to recruit teenagers who are undocumented but blitzer says president trump who often talks about ms thirteen in his speeches is using the gang as a standin for all immigrants which misrepresents the situation blitzer has also been writing about daca and the president's decision to terminate the program march fifth unless congress passes legislation extending it this week the senate has been debating overhauling the immigration system so if daca is extended or if daca is totally cancelled what impact with that have on ms thirteen there is no relationship between dhaka an ms thirteen and that and that's your that's another thing that the administration has done and it's interesting when the trump administration cancelled daca in september of last year the person came out to make the announcement wasn't the president who i think was two nervous about delivering a highly unpopular message because a lot of americans are behind author recipients and it wasn't the head of dhs department homeland security which is the department in charge of administering daca it was jeff sessions the attorney general who represent the kind of ideological nerve center of the trump administration on immigration and one of the things that jeff sessions said was that we are cancelling daca because the programme has lured people from central america these on a company kids to the us because they see that there's a chance for them to get legalized through this program that is wrong all of the studies all the evidence every form of research in the subject makes the case pretty clearly that people are fleeing to the us not because they're lured by something like daca which none of them have ever heard of but because they're fleeing gangs but you here the administration's effort to link the two issues they're trying because there's really no justification for ending daca certainly notification that helps the public interest in any way it's a program that benefits close to a million kids who have no criminal records at all who have gone to school in the us who've been living in the us instead were small children there is no connection whatsoever between duck animus thirteen but the more the administration.

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