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Of Covid outbreak there No surprises from the Washington State Transportation Commission. Today. It's adopted several toll increases, The Seattle 99 Tunnel told will be going up 15 to 35 cents, depending on time of day. That increase takes effect in October. So does a 25 cent increase on the Tacoma Narrows Bridge tailored 15% increase on the 5 20 Bridge. Begins in 2023 on Wall Street. The Dow is up 92 NASDAQ ahead, 75. Let's go to Cairo Radio, Real time traffic. Here's Emory Martin. Cruz in South centre have cleared a collision South and 405 at 1 81. But we are still seeing a bit of a back up into the area, the north on five off ramp to Boylston partially blocked that is due to a collision. Cell phone. Five drivers are really going to hit the brakes as you head into North gate, and then it's busy again from just south of the county line into five North and 167 saying Continued hesitation between 4 10 and Pacific north and five looks heavy getting into the Tacoma core, and we're still seeing delays on North found 405 through Renton. Cairo Radio. Real time traffic a memory Martin Covid 19 vaccine now available through everyone 12 and older to schedule an appointment. Go to vaccine. Locator dot d o h dot wa a message from the Washington State Department of Health. You're Khyber Radio forecast calls for Sunshine today will see highs right around 77. It's 66 in downtown Seattle. I'm Hitler Bosch. Cairo Radio News. Tell your smart speaker to play Cairo radio here for what's next. It is the G and Ursula show happy Tuesday to all of you. Dres fills in for Ursula. I probably won't make friends after this, But who knows? We'll see. Did you guys hear that Most Disney store locations are closing in September. Including the location at the South Centre Mall. They're moving to target little Disney shops inside the stores. You guys good with that? So the question is this Is.

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