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Remember that it's a show and it needs to be entertainment in a sense You know. I think A lot of people think that know just get on the mic and just start talking and people will will enjoy. I'm saying but there has to be a performance side of it a little bit and it doesn't have to be laid on like hey welcome to takeda but now there is there you have to remember what you're creating is entertainment. And and that should be part of the forefront of all thoughts of the things you do. Is this entertaining is something that can sell josh. My number one number. One thing that i always think to say is what is your mentality about it. because the thing that i see a lot in the podcasting realm is that people start a podcast and what is it. Is it a business or is it a hobby because those are two very different factories because if it's a hobby chill bro. But if it's business you're asking the questions all the time. Like what corey said. Is this topic even entertaining. Is this topic important. Do the season of this or should we do this. And when he's treated as a business you are much more A lot more thought goes into it in terms of Strategically strategy content. Planning 'cause you're thinking of how to do the thing. yeah With my hands for me. My bit of advice is going to be Your hesitation is probably more detrimental than you think you need to get out in earner scrapes. Get it wrong before you get right Because a lot of the times you're gonna be guesstimate before you even do a thing and you should always constantly ask yourself those questions but don't stop yourself being like. Oh shy work with other people. Before i just do my own thing just work with other people. Just you know collaborate you know. Put the episode. I'll do the thing if you get called out. You get called out but you have to be able to do that. You can't be paralyzed by like. Should i would i how do i. The audio is imperfect. the said. i'm here and it's like you want your your in more dire risk of getting Drowned out by everyone else. Then you are of making a splash. And that's just to put it very nicely. So you've got to have the courage to go out there and do it Was say it's good last question last question So now that oh. This is from talent the dragon so now that every major nerd group or every other major nerd group has started a dnd other table top campaign. When is nerd. On's going to happen another favourite question. I think that gets asked Which is good. I think it's it's in written in the stars of like people people look to us for these things. We have a couple seeds planet. I'll put it that way. So couple of spoiling anything in kabul seeds have been planted Now we're just seeing which one goes. Maybe we should just be toxic and just have it on a paywall. Yeah that works tom. No yeah yeah. It's something that you are not alone. We want to do it but yeah it's it's a little bit of time and a little bit of a coordination so we wanna make sure we do it and give you guys the best version of it or at least the best way we can give you know. Obviously get better as time goes on. But you know we don't want any Bush league's going for my and we appreciate. Everyone's been patient in holding on coming soon. Yeah coming soon to a computer screen near you..

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