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Down. Spindles all the wall cavity brother place, Ville two. So it was just you and your brother both ways. I started a little before him, but are fiddle playing is rooted in those tunes more than anything. You. Learn redwing me learn milk cow blues, you know, starting off on the fiddle. There's a lot of the crossover from the western swing that ends up in those tunes that you learned for the fiddle contests as well, if you're friendly gang what weighing and time to ride that transcribe musical trail with Bob wills and the Texas playboys an era the Texas playboys on the Lone Star rag. Funny story that I've told it's not funny that met Bob wills. We went up to Dallas to meet him. He was making a record called for the last time. Wheelchair and we walked in studio. And they said wheels is the wheel, and he was really really ill. They say he's very tired. We're taking him back to his motel, and you can talk to tomorrow, they took him to his motel, and he had a stroke and McComb and two years later, we're playing the Longhorn ballroom, which was the Bob wheels ranch house in Dallas. And he died that day. All I care about for a sleep wheels. That what we on on a record is good material done. Well, well, it was was in Austin. The chilly part. Man, dub, pardon and not caring where? I like this music when I was nineteen and it wasn't. What was cool. I just think there's always saying the population that is attracted to different than mainstream music, and this we're certainly a unique band. I think the music in, you know, even though we're this record is a little bit of an evolution of some of that, you know, a little more eclectic as far as roots go. But I think that not only does the music speak for it self. But I think there's band is younger these days, and I think that people are age that see that they're really taking it seriously. And I think that just having good energy is what's attractive, maybe the most and this music is fun and let hardy she just turned thirty. When I started the ban in nineteen seventy started recruiting players. I could not find a fiddle player of my age. Now, I am the luckiest guy because I get the fine fine fiddle players when I was looking for the singer I had a little club in Austin. And I was looking on YouTube because sometimes it post, but was on stage. I'm back again in this lady ten she had a gig didn't pay much. Did it? I'm not sure I made any money guys. I saw it went up to the oh who is this girl? 'cause there's a equality to voice that is in between, Billie holiday wish wing center voice. And she picked up the film, and I was like oh, gosh she plays. It'll take. I grew up listening to sleep at the wheel. And and that was one of the things about I laughed. My mom told me when I was a kid. I wanted to play the kind of music, he clap your hands and stub your feet too. You know, this is that was developed in the thirties refined and in change through the years, but it's still alive right now. People still get up and dance in the aisles, which we love so much. It's hard to sit still to this music. I got that. Right. I got seven. Salmon. Thank bring Jae different. And that is it for today. Remember to follow us on Twitter and Facebook, you can find us at the frame, I'm John horn. Thanks for listening. We'll see you back here tomorrow. Tone Wednesday vote has there's at the last day at chatter. Saturday. So then. Yeah, everybody. Got seven in row. Salmon.

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