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Take demonte smith at seven panthers settle on justin fields with the eighth pick after a a long drawn out. Debate there and number nine. The broncos take mack jones cowboys at ten take. Patrick's attend the second eleven giant state. Kyle pits twelve eagles to jalen waddell. Thirteen charges take christian. Dera saw fourteen. The vikings take jalen phillips fifteen. The patriots take. Mike parsons at sixteen. The cardinals caleb farley. The cornerback from virginia. Tech jenny connor. We'll do this again next week. And then one more week after that and then we'll have a mock draft. Sounds great gary. This has been really fun. Then after this we can mock draft the best mock draft picks that didn't make it into this mock draft. It'll be great to plan. I think that's apple. Absolutely just content creating context. You guys. Have your your mock drafts. Connors is going to be out this week on tuesday. Jenny's i think is a week from tuesday and it's just going to be mock draft chaos. So many mock drafts. You'll you'll just hate mock drafts by the time it's all said and done but if you did we could stop doing so really actually hate you know what i mean. I got really close to the microphone. There which i wasn't supposed to do but you know if you if you really do. Stop liking them then. We won't do them as much you know but but if you like them then we're going to do so advice connor. It's up to you guys out there. That is wise words to wrap up part. Two of the mock draft series. The cuny monday morning. nfl podcasts. Is jenny renta's connor or me. Gary grant.

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