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Long beach fire department rollcall has been taken in capterra has not answered bill has been struck for his last too long the sun shine upon his dad made the win employs the at his back i made the lord open minutes in the palm of his hand until we need again all right kfi am six forty it's conway show a very sad day here in southern california especially in long beach when a firefighters going into a building to essentially save elderly people from dying and then get shot and killed in the progress nobody can really understand it doesn't make sense to anybody and so you know you start to try to make sense of it by the ones that are going to have the toughest time are his wife and his two kids i think he has a twenty four twenty five year old son and a sixteen year old son and probably you know waiting for dad to retire at some point probably fairly soon and spend the you know the rest of his days out fishing with this kid's or spending time with the kids and now they can't because we have another a hole in long beach all right corbin carson is with us with more details corporate you there i am sir how are you really shocking has this ever happened before in may have happened in los angeles but ever in long beach.

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