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Policing dot com. Yeah. Taking a look at our roadways. We still have slow traffic conditions out there on all of them and then reports of a collision along the South found service Road at 35 right around Sixth Street, a rack on 3 69 found near Spicewood Springs and an injury collision. Bliss Killer Road at South Pole 45. I'm Melinda Bryant with Austin's on time traffic. This segment brought to you final segment on sports talk. I am Beato. Ed Clements. Ben Clements in studio with you. We got producer Brandon making sure everything stays on Air Force today. Thank you, Producer Brandon. We're going to wrap up with some NBA talking apples will give Ben Clements another shot at giving you some locks. But one little programming note. Somebody asked earlier in the show about the All Star Game for MLB this year. Looks like they've moved it to Denver, the mile High City. Yeah, that was another stupid move by Major League Baseball player. Marijuana. Another stupid move by Major League based July 31st. MLB will host its All Star game in Denver and also news today. That Major league Baseball is going to issue a 10 game suspension for pitchers found with foreign substances on their fingers, and they're going to get checked twice a game. We got 51283605 90 to weigh in Rick in Cedar Park your thoughts. Hey, thank you guys for taking my car. I got a question you had mentioned think they know that, uh, the sun tan lotion or sunscreen mixed with that resin creates that sticky substance you're talking about. And does that mean If pictures are not going to be allowed to wear sun, tans, sunscreen or anything out there out in the seats are in the sun. And if I mean if they get if they can't Then I mean Get skin cancer. I mean, MLB is going to get sued. Exactly. Excellent point happened, You know. Excellent point. Strictly tanning oil and Pam. Yeah, they can use like I love how you just take it to like, level 12 right out. Are you an attorney? Are you looking to? Uh, I want to be okay. But you play one on the radio. What are your thoughts on that, though? Should MLB be? Are you a baseball fans? Should they be breaking down on these A tacky substances that pictures are Taking advantage of these days. I'm becoming more of a fan as my 11 year old is getting into playing little league, So I think anything that would give him an advantage. Go for it. Well, Rick sunscreen, lotion and resin. There you go. Learn something new every day. Look, his 11 year olds going to start to get recruiting because Dad's concoction add Ben, You're yesterday You said you had three picks that were total locks. One of them was, you know, college baseball, but you also thought that Mississippi state was going to be wearing their black Nazis. And you thought they might die from sunstroke. You pick Notre Dame, one of it. Dame lost. I muffed up Now You're one. You're one pick up your one. Pick the the Hawks. What a comeback. 18 points. Come back. I saw it coming all along. I knew it. I knew it when they were down. 18. Were you sweating? No, no, no. I was already popping the champagne thing. And here we go, boys. Here comes straight, Young. Yeah. But then, during the jazz game that was surprised I was sweating. I was biting my lip. I don't know if you can see my bottom lip as a cutting it because the entire game I just kept Chop into the bid for them to make a run. And I thought your dad was trying to teach you a lesson. No. Okay. They did not Tom Brady Father's situation. They never had that run, Did they? They know they couldn't do it. They kept trying to pop to that bubble and and Kwai between post arising The jazz and knocking down every 15 footer and and range. They couldn't stop him. Yeah, well, both of them both of those series 70. Sixers, Hawks Jazz Clippers now tied up to two big game tonight. Yes, that's also series is tied Big Game five Milwaukee bucks at the Brooklyn Nets. I don't know if you've been paying attention to the T V or not Ben Clements. I don't know if you've already placed your bets. But the news is, you said, Will this be a Kevin Durant Legacy game, Having to take his team on on his shoulders and win without his his fellow to from the Big Three, Kyrie rolled his ankle, Harden was having issues with his hamstring. James Harden. Cleared to play tonight. Does that change any of your thoughts? No. I mean, Kevin Durant. Still, they say he has to put on the game. This live tonight. This is a legacy type game. This is a Oh, he can do it on his own. Against the honest against one of the best players will be seen in the last 20 years. He has to put up so right now he's over under his 34 a half points. Wow. Take that pick because if they win, take that over because the only way they win is if he puts on at least 40 points. If he does not do that, they will get blown out tonight. He needs a little help from Blake Griffin and maybe DeAndre Jordan. But aside from that they have no chance of Kevin Durant is not put on a all time game tonight and Ed, it's not a guarantee that James Harden even place He's going to be working out in the pre game rituals. They're testing that hamstring your thoughts on nets books. Tonight. If I think it's it's going to be very much worth watching for what Ben just said. This could be one of those games one of the games that you think about when Magic Johnson played for the Lakers many years ago, and it was ill led the Lakers to an NBA champion Willis Reed limps on the court for the New York Necked and now Katie Kevin Durant, when all his teammates Kyrie and maybe hard and gone To lead this team to victory. I think it's going to be terrific theater tonight, but I think Katie is, Ben said. It's got to have the big game. Hey, anything when the Nets are playing at home? And I like the home team, usually in the playoffs, So the I like the home team in this. The flip side, though, is I mean, the blueprint is out for the bucks. If you can shut down Kevin Durant, you win every game nine times out of 10. That makes no sense. But my amount is not exactly correct. But P. J. Tucker will be all over Kevin Durant because Who else do they go to his head? Apparently, Who else do they go to? I hate seeing like you said yesterday. Longhorn Longhorn crime, but P. J. Tucker when he's in his face. Basically making out with the guy Kevin Durant can't score in. The Nets can't win. Ed Clements can if he's by himself, Lifetime Longhorn Kevin Durant do that. Put that team on his shoulders, score 45 50 points and lead the Nets to a decisive game five victory tonight. I think he can. I really do think he can because but Blake Griffin has to perform his over others, 10 half points and he's got to perform got He's got to hit that over. He really does, But no, they.

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