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Leslie seems like a perfect storm for him. Not well you know. The disease is definitely people don't have as as successful. They don't have successful outcomes In people that are older or who have co Morbidity Bernie. Don't touch him. Well your statue. Touch Bernie Bernie is doing what everybody else should be doing right now. Which is washing your hands. But I into the crowd and touch a million people thinking survive this or she said life will chain and that's yes and that's okay and it is yeah right yeah but ultimately I would think my theory you have to be good about how you take care of yourself your best line of defense. Is it not your own immune system? Germs pathogens are ubiquitous. You can't become Howard. Hughes locked in an airtight room pissing into jars. That's the only other alternative I mean people put hand sanitizer all over their hands all day. I've had more than one. Very smart doctor told me that destroys. The skin makes it more permeable. You have to have a good immune system. Stop eating sugar. Wouldn't that be a great start? There are so many things that you can be doing in sugar can cause inflammation like so many other things. The worst thing for your immune system is sugar. There's so many things that are bad for your sugar. Be Number One. Sugar is in the in on the list of the top things that you should probably decrease but you know they're they're you know. Smoking is also bad and people should exercise more than they should eat well in run role and I think that that's really important and so I agree with you being healthy and doing everything you can to make a healthy including me. Writing less sugar would be a good thing to do. No sugar but Finally whatever it is they always end. Don't they do? Maybe whatever it is. We'll it runs. Its course and then it ends. Well I mean most of these viruses will disappear. Although there are some instances where they become endemic. Thank you Dr. I am bowing into you. Pretended always come on. All right is the New York Times bestselling author of the New Book Code Red. How how? Progressives and moderates unite to save our country E. J. Dion great to see you back there all right. Here's the Chairman Nebraska Democratic Party and author of harvest the vote how Democrats can win again in rural America. Jane Club Jane how you doing and he is a former CIA officer and is now the nationally syndicated host of the buck sexton show buck sexton back with running. So.

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