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Today. Order online for pickup or delivery. Panera restrictions apply 6 48 traffic and weather on the H two Jack Taylor in the traffic center. Right south of town on the Beltway, moving Maryland toward Virginia on the inner loop local lanes. There's some sort of an incident first described as a broken down vehicle possibly struck. So now we've got more equipment, inner loop local lanes and you leave Oxon Hill headed up onto the Woodrow Wilson Bridge. Now you will find headed into the district. Some slowing I to 95 North Roman from Suitland Parkway north toward the 11th Street Bridge. Same just volume for now, South D C to 95 getting south of Eastern Avenue toward nanny Helen Burrows and continuing toward East Capitol Street more break Plates in the tunnel going Third Street Tell going north, bound toward the late in New York Avenue Canal Road outbound between Georgetown University and Fox all rode the debris has only a left lane getting by now in Maryland, topside, outer loop getting a little bit heavy as you're approaching past Georgia Avenue to 70, though, looking good Still, Simpson from Frederick, South all the way to the lane divide no brake lights to see between the Beltway's for now on 95. The Baltimore Washington Parkway at a Knoxville Frederick County toward the Washington County line. 3 40 westbound near 1 80. Knoxville. We'd had one leave the roadway, apparently trying to avoid hitting a deer hit the jersey while for the Guard rail there Now we did have accident activity in Virginia at Ashbourne Loudon County Parkway, the Claiborne Park White 66 seen a few brake lights now around 1 23 headed eastbound. The only delay Gainesville toward Roslyn. 95 still looks good. Fredericksburg into Springfield. No worries on 3 95. Yet leaving the Beltway north headed toward the 14th Street bridge should find your lanes open on the rails. Metro's blue and yellow Line. Expect delays to Franconia because of a switch problem this morning outside King Street, Ledo Pizza Square because Ledo Pizza never cuts corners, Lido. Pete's has been a local favorite since 1955. Order online at lino pizza dot com. Jack Taylor wtlv Traffic and Lauren Ricketts With our storm team 44 Day forecast We've got a lot of cloud cover out there this morning sun coming up just around 7 30, So give it about another 40 minutes. But again,.

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