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Bring in show musically this squad pod the daily podcast brought to you by the team behind squawk box control too CNBC's essential morning show every day get the best stories debate and analysis from the biggest names in business and politics are coming to enact today White House visor Larry cudlow you're not troubled by any of it just so we're clear there is nothing the president has done with respect to that phone call the administration's top on the economy weighs in on the impeachment inquiry Arianna Huffington Day sixty seconds before you go to your phone sixty seconds Joe takeover of time she used to carry around four smartphones. Now she's all about the unplug plus Joe Becky Andrew Binge on Netflix says quarterly earnings and a bit more everybody's taking bolts rosie shows are crazy those stories and more I'm CNBC producer? Katie Kramer it's Thursday October Seventeenth Twenty Nineteen swath pot begins right now becky by in three two one kilcooley good morning everybody welcome to Squawk box here on CNBC we are live from the aspect market site in Times Square I'm becky quick along with Joe Kernan and Andrew Ross Sorkin the EU and the UK saying they have reached a draft brexit deal obviously much more come on this but villa marks is standing by he's got more on the situation right now what can you tell us the executive Brian Inspect your opinion in the European Commission they have agreed with the UK that they would like to see this move forward in about an hour's time we'll have European leaders arriving. Hey inside Lindsey you council for their relatively the meeting Brexit top of the agenda Boris Johnson likely to talk to them to make his pitch to say we now have an agreement please can you endorse it and if those twenty-seven other heads of state eight say they're happy with it they will move on and potentially we could see the British parliament voting on it as soon as Saturday the challenge there remains though for prime minister bars he doesn't have a clear majority so if this small Irish party that's so often proven to be a thorn in the prime minister side decide as they've said again this morning they're not happy with the way the deal is timed out we could see that majority vanish and once again without parliamentary approval in Westminster four any agreement is going to be incredibly challenging for this process to end by October thirty first which right now is the current deadline a again junker as you mentioned in support of this he's saying that he's going to recommend that the twenty-seven EU nations actually endorsed that deal during the summit later today Boris Johnson making some positive tweets about this to saying it's a great new deal but you're right to bring up this concern that he doesn't necessarily have the votes in parliament just yet when do you think we'll have a better idea of this quickly this vote counting take place so the challenges is over the next forty eight hours while you've got this meeting going on here in Brussels is the prime minister's team back in Downing Street and in Westminster trying to see whether they can guarantee not only all of the inside the Conservative Party not only twenty one further votes from former Conservative Party members they kicked out last month also this ten subset of the D. at this Northern Irish policy and then potentially they also need some of the Labor opposition party members to vote in favor of the deal some of them telling me though they would only do that if approval of this deal was attached to a second confirmation referendum where essentially you'd see a second referendum pitching this deal against another option which remained inside the EU that could drag on for many months and Boris Johnson's insistence he would leave October thirty first might again we challenge on that front what would the response be if if if there was such a movement passed in parliament demanding a second referendum on clear in terms of what would be the time line around that they've often said many of European leaders like to see the UK stay inside European Union serve a referendum delivered that might be something that would be music to Emmanuel macron's is for instance the French president in terms of what happens this Saturday element legislation that already exists means that if a deal wasn't concluded by today the parliament was happy with then they would force the prime minister ask for an extension too late January we could see another four months delay to brexit process he might turn around and say to the European counterparts here the other leaders quite a bit shorter I think they're almost there give me another few weeks that's seeping got the technical details source it out and I'll try and get my parliament back onside thank you very much netflix earnings beat the street internationals describe growth beat expectations but the stats were all positive domestic subscriber additions were thirty five percent below estimates and it warned that quarter earnings revenue subscriber growth would all fall short of analysts estimates citing pricing changes and increased competition Disney Apple and CNBC the parent company NBC Universal All launching their own streaming services netflix CEO Reed Hastings says stream wars are noisy and could create modest and the company has spent a decade competing with other content providers. Netflix says it's going to take bold swings in their words when it comes to content good but won't take every other company is still the leader when it comes to content spending and is projected to spend about eighteen billion dollars in twenty twenty I mean everybody's taking bolts these shows are crazy some of them the watch just takes me back to thinking you know the writers really are the unsung heroes and I am it boggles the mind some of the stuff that they come to plot twists and everything that Just that you are not able to be prized by anything anymore it never be stunned I thought like wild wild west is really good and you don't back in the day yeah absolutely right and that's the that was the movie rain on on the yeah but I thought it was I mean we're still ourselves by saying you hanging every time that but they they would to a painting an old west type painting and come back and everything will be fine but now they have it where when they're doing it for Netflix they have these massive cliffhangers at the end so that you just allow capitalism in crisis again on the podcast we do this allot America's economic system was challenged yesterday by a key voice in Silicon Valley Mark Benny off the billionaire co founder of salesforce capitalism is dead we need a new capitalism we didn't a new sustainable fair and more equitable capitalist We need a capitalism that values not just shareholders but as important stakeholders that was salesforce Mark Benny off on CNBC yesterday joining us right westbound Davis partner at highland capital you think capitalism is dead Sir I think capitalism has a little ways to go count on it for a little bit longer waters capitalism uh-huh unto itself I think it speaks to free markets and the ability to make informed conscious decisions about where you're going in the market speak itself it's an open supply it's an open demand and prices settle in on where if you're right then what do we do about all these polls suggest that millennials especially and I think even maybe broadly broader the nat believe that capitalism doesn't work anymore well I'm not gonNA debates we're seeing it it's a constant refrain if you're right what do you think has to change yeah I'm not sure the believe it doesn't work as much as Alexei doesn't work in fact if you ask some of the millennialism not she'll define what capitalism is before they say it doesn't work but I think the concern that you finding out of most of these things that companies are getting a men's power and that's where the concern comes out of so this thing not that it doesn't work as an institution but it's threatening to them as an institution and so when when mark banning off says that today prophets are the table stakes he actually makes a slightly different argument by the way guys then the business roundtable basically says you have to do the prophets part that is like the table stakes piece these other constituent parts are necessary but that's like a second hey good you need to make sure you can stay open you gotta stay open and we've talked CEO's Today I'm thinking of the CEO of Ebay who actually was nailing it a lot on the purpose element and some of the the other constituent parts but wasn't nailing some of the numbers and he's gone and so our shareholder I mean the it clearly at some point prophets or essential world that I'm in rarely I mean really if ever we backing a company that's profitable from the get-go always the company's driving to its profit huge that's a big part of what we think about so somebody that looks at the changing the world we have a company here in New York freshly that will sell probably forty or fifty million meals this year to consumer I mean he she's feeding America changing eating habits these giving convenient good tasting food he is a mission guy I mean if all the way and that's powerful because it wraps around not only management team in the company but consumers buy into that in a meaningful way to I wouldn't be taking a lot of advice on on too many lives subjects millennial polls probably GonNa leave the conversation there thank you you could see you tease will be next coming up on Squawk pod White House advisor Larry cudlow defense the President and the economy here at home I think the domestic economy is in very good shape we're not immune joe but I think we are still the international driver what kind of Tech Company does the world need today one that applies smart technologies at scale with purpose and expertise not just for some but for Oh with A. I. Blockchain and quantum technology IBM is partnering with Clients to Develop Smart scalable technologies that help this is work better together let's expect more from technology let's put smart to work visit IBM DOT com slash smart to learn more along with becky quick and Andrew Ross sorkin Larry cudlow the National Economic Council Director and our former CNBC colleague joined squawks this morning too that's the health of the economy the mysteries of deep state and the questions around a certain letter between presidents here's Joe Kernan starting off today's been awhile Mr referred to as a globalist but at this point do we have a domestic economy that can continue to outperform and we have for years admittedly but it seems more more important in more more true now than maybe in the past that we really need to look.

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