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Hunting been around and it's a philosophical question. I totally I totally agree. I totally became super much better player because of the challenges of the best players out of a base a collection of players time that ever played sport possible. Yeah and if you think of that whole thing to take it to the degree. Is that off court to be appreciative of your opponent. And actually one. This is another thing that can't stand is when I say you should want the best for you to Cornyn because a lot of people they want the hall win take the cheap win if they can get where I said no you. Won't you should want your opponent to be at their best. So that when you compete if you win you deserve the win one hundred percent and if you lose ya you were tested to the best of your ability. I understand why the struggle was that that that whole thing of one thing. The best feed opponent is in my opinion. Another thing is almost an act of kindness in a way. That really has an again. It comes back to what we were saying earlier. That one thing to win puts you in a different state and it does an really does bring the best immune I can see that not just an endoscope and my gender life you when you when you want the best for people you tend to you almost tend to rise up yourself an Amos court anger soul we rise by lifting others. Yeah definitely you rise by letting others and we on the tennis court off the tennis court. We bring our based game when we want the best for someone else's to to throw the comparison the opposite in there. It used to wind me up when used to take the Scottish kids to British nationals. Every year. And you would. Let's say quite often to give a backstory behind this British nationals. Used to be in pretty much the end of August every year and the very best players in Britain have been tooting the entire summer quite often internationally as well and it wasn't uncommon the best seeds or like the top seeds in the nationals. We lose our second right because they were just absolutely gassed. By the time he came to nationals. And you get all these kids running by the tournament and it was like Chinese whispers or or like a wave of euphoria of you see the number one seeds like four one third and they're almost happy the top seed is going out and I was like we doing what I say. Why are you happy about that? I said you ever beaten this kid and no no he kicks my ass so it will. You've just lowered the bar because you are hoping that someone beat you handedly is actually gonNA lose. Therefore you've lured the bar you should want everyone to win or compete to their best therefore we all collectively raise the bar together. Absolutely tougher. Hit understand that. But don't we can rationalize. Wilted denser is great that you're communicating not to catch so because the most teams people you these things you have to hear things several times before it can sync it once it sank and you take on board and then it really begins to what nothing when when kids really get it can change everything really not too late because I'll change how they feel and many many situations big time big time so let's say get to other tangible things that You've used in a knife take f stolen from you. Which you mentioned to me by the crew of mindful meditation to help you when you're competing in you're in the club and so on so could you give a bit of an overview on what's involved or what as in was involved in it. Yeah so so. Mindfulness Meditation passably phone to be mentally helpful. A Taylor told me about the signs of why it works is because I took obtain associate years ago and I've been on a steep learning curve. I found it no matter how much I was getting better. I could always get to this point. Let's see it was game point. People would never taken a game thrown before game point and I see myself being forty love up. And I'm savvy still lose the game and do that so many times and what would happen is suddenly about forty love noticed the four hundred thought about until the gnome thinking on for this guy is in the division in payment before division. So I shouldn't be here in a moment always in my head. Iced double double fault. Again Gordon Language Toco Selena balls afforded Jerusalem that so many times so I decided to a to an intensified. Mindfulness Meditation and it was through doing that about every single day almost every day for a month. I found myself in a similar situation and it was just so much more unequal one when the game. That situation didn't seem to cause figure for me. Be is mindfulness. Meditation for listeners. Have never tried it. It's really just you become mindful of the fact that you're breathing if I'm used to do. Mindfulness right and I would hope most of lessons of doing. But so let's see I used to breathe and then I was to notice that breathing. What I'm doing right now if I noticed I'm breathing than unbecoming mindful of the fact time breathing though the moment you become mindful of the fact that you're breathing you give attention to your breathing if you want to take Scott of the brain. What you'd see is. The major activated region of the brain is a better Just above your eyes to forehead had just above. The ice is called prefrontal cortex in a really as the brain. Ceo of the brain is most active. When you're giving something you feel attention so for example it's like when you if you left our weight and you what let's see you go to the gym. You walk out your your your ties. For example they you'll notice to thanks. How could the Muslim will become firmer and become l'objet with practice? So you have exactly the same process. In the brain oviously you'd have scientists Muscle GROWTH NOODLE CLUSTER CITY. But it means exactly the same muscle growth. So if I was to exercise worker a region of the brain. So let's see my frontal Cortex then. Two things happened just like muscle growth the comfortable and and that's exactly how she developed more connections to more muscle fibers. So if you make a muscle stronger than anything that you use that muscle for becomes easier to prefrontal cortex stronger than ever before to comes easier. So therefore concentration becomes easier because another it becomes. Easier is ability to override feelings of stress in the moment and an ability to feel in control of yourself regardless of what's happening inability to stay present so in a sense when I intensified. My mindfulness practice is doing. I was taking muscle to Jim the above my license rather than by by sex or my quads. On my things I was working at a p front to fix and as a consequence if I walked to my shoulders and my arms on May available to the Honda Timothy Frontal cortex nine booth my ability stay centered and focused even when moment of stress. I could win game you too so when you practice. Mindfulness and Hewlett takes five minutes a day of Satin quietly and giving your attention to the breathing just notice what breathing sounds like notice breathing. Feels like that. You doing mindfulness meditation. You really are taking your fix the gem just as if you're doing twenty wrecks on any particular muscle and it's amazing. The the first time I really properly appreciated this is when I started to do yoga. Because the there's so much focus in breathing in yoga and I find. It was an amazing result for me in terms of holding positions for longer an end. So that whole idea of attaching your breasts to something so for example it would be like Grethe into your leg. Breathe into now like breathing. Then you do it and you can actually feel the stretch get up to longer and and that something a I historically have not been the best leaper in the world been best in recent years but if I do have a bad night's sleep I actually have find peace by just lying back my hands on my chest and being mindful of my breath and before you knew it absolutely yeah and Al- also as well as developing pre frontal CORTEX also remember Elliot. I was talking about the as you put out your outreach. Lewis down by focusing on your breathing. Watch Hopkins. Breathing begins to elongate bet. We intensify the length of time the rest of the lots of never systems checking and so when we give attention to a breathing breathing naturally deepens on zone. Sui increase more of the arrest and relax Washington. That's one of the reasons why the body and the mind began to relax when we read. This is such a big thing for tennis players. I think it moves coaches. Listening at most players are listening to this will at various points in their career being told the benefits of breathing and in typical tennis a world it would normally be to reduce your heart. Rate's IT'd be more cam and be more relying spit to to hear all these other benefits in late very deep scientific ways for me. It's more I think. Knowledge is power personally and I think if the more I would buy into this if I knew the science behind versus most people I can definitely speak for myself. If you just tell me what to do tell me the why of it. I do buy into nearly as as much I. I love the fact that meditation. Mindfulness Meditation with such shoeless physical changes in the brain. And it's not just about stuff that we've talked about in the past Of talked to meditate in reduced blood pressure can fetch a breathing is only because in the last decade or so am I. Technology is advanced in other brain scanning techniques defines new year look at density scans of the frontal cortex physical change in the actual fibers having more muscle fibers. You have the same cannot is called noodle connections but muscle fibers in the muscles is the same as noodle connections in the brain and you can actually see an increase in the density of the noodle connections in the brain from doing nothing than spending five minutes. They noticing the agreeing. Dancing voted live minutes a day. Don't we never because knowledge is knowledge is power when she knew that that happens? You start to do the stuff because it doesn't say it's.

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