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Weather center. It's cloudy and forty four degrees at Richmond international airport. Newsradio w RV time. One thirty one. Pardon me, eleven thirty one. The Republican speaker of the house of delegates. Virginia says Democrats are blocking efforts to let the two women who have accused Lieutenant governor Justin Fairfax of sexual assault share their stories at legislative hearings house speaker Kirk Cox says that Democrats have dodged his repeated requests to help establish a process where lawmakers could hear directly from Fairfax's accusers. Democrats said that the speaker hasn't presented a detailed plan for how the hearings would proceed. Federal prosecutors are recommending nearly three years in prison for a former local high school teacher convicted of hacking into private digital accounts of celebrities and others. Christopher Brennan is a former teacher at Lee Davis high school in mechanicsville. He was the fifth person charged in celeb- gate that was a scandal that hackers obtained nude photographs and other private information for more than two hundred people, including celebrities governor Ralph nor them signs a Republican sponsored Bill to raise the minimum age for buying tobacco products to twenty one from age eighteen support for the Bill grew quickly over Team USA vaping which the FDA calls an epidemic. The law exempts, active duty military. The producers of the TV show empire say actor Jesse small. Let will not appear in the final two shows of the season after he was charged with filing a false police report over an alleged hate crime. The actor is insisting that he is innocent. And the Federal Reserve says that in light of a slowing global economy and last year's financial market turmoil. The central Bank intends to remain patient in determining when to make future changes in its benchmark interest rate. Check. Your money. The Dow is up one hundred and eighty eight points at twenty six thousand thirty eight the SNP up seventeen at twenty seven ninety two and the NASDAQ up sixty two points at seventy five twenty two your next news at noon news on demand at NewsRadio WR, VA dot com. I'm Beth Harris on Richmond's news, weather, and traffic station. Newsradio eleven forty W R V A and now at ninety six point one FM.

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