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Launch point move the pockets be able to run those naked the bootleg gotta the system and thing that the bears defense it really done its bit religion scout up against one and not let anybody run a rushing touchdowns against them for them at home i think the bears actually witnessed football game i double digits favored so let's start with detroit cleveland the lions are a ten point favorite at home against the browns a once the is there any reason to believe cleveland king gave the lions a game this afternoon no right let's head out to pittsburgh let's head out indianapolispittsburgh on the road in indy against the called for senate quarterback the steelers starting to find their way obviously one about the colts any reasonably the cult's can give the steelers a scare you know that one of the things that you look at you waiver if you've been trying to manipulate the all ron kuby prepare you i've never won this whole thing with the quarterback with putin and through law i mean when you really look at if they really met holed up your parking spot when you go i when i was a player by dr jeanpierre die i'll never forget barton the dr james anthony zinni that you're getting a major league pitcher they'd rather have who tomba john bibby i mean dr the turks there shoul their because of how difficult it is to come back and you really don't go once you start talking about methods the whoa peterkov i'll bet ability to come back and we it the way that you want you with an organization that the player far it is and when you look at them as an organization and you see that in luck and he hurt his shoulder in two thousand fifteen like this is gonna be a long time ago for them out and see the.

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