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Had decent jobs. You know it's like am. I entirely the self-made when my parents fucking I mean to me I would definitely consider myself self-made but say my parents on average. I would say that both my parents combined during most of in my life probably made like in the ballpark one hundred thousand dollars a year. Let's say it was a million dollars a year. Am I still self-made. I think I might have been afforded the same shit that Kylie Allie was kind of A. It's not about the money amount that your parents had is the fact that like the fame. There's a fame in their whole family being in that business already. You know now I think that to some extent everybody gets help from their parents fucking raised by their parents accept the the most unlucky of us you know basically anybody who was born and had a mom or dad or both is not self made you know like I mean yes. It is like more impressive when you something. Jay Z become a billionaire and he started with Jack Shit. Yeah she started out. That's the only started out. She was never hurting for money. I get it probably already renting to her like. Oh my God Kylie. Yeah I mean you have to think that like she just has a word. Six hundred million a lot of money. I wouldn't say I'm not going to say that. But Lose Pretty Nice. She just her age and her generation is she's like at the perfect like h point of although sisters because she's what all those little girls WanNa be and look up to instagram generation. Like yes Kim is that but she's a little bit older. And so it was courtney me and the other one and we know what percentage of ownership Jeffrey Star has of his makeup brand. Because that's what I would be interested in because her taking the six hundred million in for half of it is and giving up. Ownership is interesting because it's sorta like her saying that. She thinks that this is the most that she's going to be able to grow the business on her own and that this partner is going to make it way way bigger from here I saw just one line and it was saying something thinking about like overseas. What's launch and Shit like that? So maybe this company I mean. I wish that we had better podcasting big but we need permission from major steroids to be. You should be coming in with the information about good Dak- fucking Ari by highly cosmetics. Fifteen did you get your shame pal. No but I did see the documentary and I saw. They had a billboard on Fairfax at has some hair in it should do a makeup. A star was just saying that he's doing on your new channels spending. Maybe you're getting married a A.. Lenna Belinda Palette. That makes sense to me the Lenin atom ballot. Home Guy. He throws himself into the Mega For who has ever done like no. I don't think of it as shit. You Really WanNa wear the other side sided like still good colors but funny names. Because I'm a jokester so for girls to the gays can rocket for sure. Because I feel like I have to have my fucking James Charles style like make up like cover. It'd be looking at your sexual coming for the gays. Yeah no especially. The question is like teams are saying that. He's doing a pallet. It's like you're doing a fucking palliser. Cosmetics you're joking fucking podcast with what company I don't know Revlon fucking Mac highly literally. Wow Oh see God imagine he does so many names team back Sephora. Oh that's a company. The there's a law. Imagine you walk before you see stars face plastered all of course by. Hi that make up. It's funny though. Because he has a mega round I says he is a fanatic audience. They buy whatever he's drives by but they're all dudes they don't wear makeup shake-up trolling he's going to do it. I mean it's a real thing like you can. It's a real option like I mean. Listen I don't have that. Very big percentage of like girl fans cosmetics but if it was a Lenna an atom Palette and the Leno One. I don't know 'cause it's like I don't think that like a jokey palate really really works. I think that you have to do shit that people really want to do. But it would be funny if somehow like you have the two different sides and it's sort of I mean this is not a bad idea. I'm not we're GONNA live but the interesting thing to me. Is the team start cosmetics. One because he he has no female tie in just him A. We'll see when it comes out. I don't even know like that's in the palate. What is that like? What part of your face are you putting that on whatever powder usually eye shadow palettes okay? So that's that's such a big part of what you're doing that you've got to really target at that people like like you know there's a lot of different Greens fucking like glitter like like glitter. Come Shit like that come why. I'm every all her side is like a sweet funny. Like real is of the mind is just like area like plum plum purple my characters characters that everything. No I wanted to be tough shit money. Green gun metal grey those really. Yeah Thirty Glock gunmetal Grey have that thirty clinics steno hanging out of the gun. Metal Grey aim is blood. Red Little Zan White Lou Aaron Green. Oh God how long have we Our twenty can keep going sorry about my butthole. Just kidding so you cannot tell if you we don't have like a very plausible story about your fucking asshole this by the way so yesterday by this porn star Australian strain accent now. Listen I just want to say that well number one is like Meli versus Melvin. I'm GONNA talk about. We haven't heard take dot com about things that haven't dropped yet. Trust me of. I don't know what we're going to say about an unreleased album that is basically basically just a bunch of scraps and before from before school I have something to say about. It took most played out thing in rap. And I'm sorry molly I'm sure aroused. Great the MAS play thing out is to do an album. That's like me versus the other side of me the decks decks versus Dexter Dexter. Nellie sweat versace suit funnier remember everybody in the history of Rab has done this. It's a lame it's bad it's stupid. It's not creative. House phone versus Monterey exactly tapers versus can make a great album diamante. You've you talking to house for all my God versus doing now versus Lena versus is the plug at number. Twenty two but motherfuckers won't stop doing Edgar. Meli versus Melvin. Is that people feel like they have two sides of of them. You know the really think of a more creative way to get it. Across about three sides exactly boom boom trill of commend Meli versus Melvin versus. Ym wwl MEL versus Meli versus. No I'm going to be honest with you. I been thinking about this a bit like my anticipation level for the MELI project. I will listen to it. I'll all inspect for bangers but you know it's like when expedite his last posthumous project that I listened to it a lot now my project listen to this little peep album so you can give us a perspective on how essential any of the stuff on it as well. That's what I'm concerned with. I went through it. I like the production a lot. The projection was really good and I feel like it was actually handled by people that were close to him. And like you know shit like that some of the songs you can tale. We're kind of just like rough-draft Kinda just like idea. I mean that's kind of how all posthumous albums coming apart though. So it's like you have to know what you're getting into if you're going to go listen to album Mike. That and like random random Braschi K.. Feature it was okay. Wasn't bad but one thing I noticed is not like little piece featuring the baby no looks like rich featuring rich kids. Yeah but they. They work a lot so we made the songs with actually interesting is. That's more honest. They got Tracy John's on to exactly so I was like and fucking fish. Oregon bigheaded a lot of the beads. Artificial indeed the whole thing became a couple of bees and it was like okay. Lisa got songs along with him working with people who is actually close with and fucking like you know the label of backlash from them putting out the song with ex that they're like oh so on there I think do we can actually put someone older song white Tian odor shades so low p featuring Meg Ryan. I'm so glad because if the label wasn't getting checked by the fans man on twitter that is literally what they were doing crazy and honestly featuring Zack's he was bisexual. Isn't this cool. I imagine getting you got the label emailing me saying like how great an idea. This is okay. As long as I'm bitching about labels PERP I was supposed to perp today. Yeah like two hours late so I was like I'm not doing I should I should. I'm sorry but like it's funny because you said Yeah because for us this because for me. It's like damn schedule. If people are going to respect my schedule than I don't care about what's my schedule is packed every day. I have people hitting me up every day. Like can we do an interview tomorrow. It's like you fucking idiot my my schedule for next week to it's time to to spur of the moment shit anymore not thought that I just find. It's fucking annoying fucking people do that to me but then today from these rappers though I mean I mean it's like it's not really. I suspect if they want to be two hours late. Then we're not going to do the interview and you have to reschedule about one hour late a lot of times my schedule is such that. It's like if somebody's one hour relate. It's not happening because I have another interview up. So it's like it is what it is like if people don't realize time is of the essence when you don't respect someone's time it's like I I mean it's the most publicised now. It's not really as Y- because she's managing it so it might be like she's having the conversation like oh I would like do you want to do it at five or move to another day you know. So yes smoother. What's he presented? That actually happening on the regular people fucking actually like not coming longtime insurance for the most part especially since I got her managing everybody and they're not just like hitting me have directly it's huge percentage of people to shop and also Solorio not here if I N it's like if some interesting to me late and what were you going to say about ooh Part is. They're emailing me and they're like Oh we have a cardboard cutout of perp like we interview the cardboard. You know go. We could do some viral stuff where you're interviewing the cardboard cutout and stuff and I didn't say this to them but I just wanted to be like is this is stupid. Fucking Lane Lane Bullshit. Why are you even thinking about doing something like this? I'm like I wanted to. I actually wrote this and then I deleted it I was was gonNA write. I'm sorry but that idea. Sounds like you guys thought it up. Yeah that sounds like they have like the label it just it sounds like a stupid fucking being marketing idea. That a bunch of people who are all ideas came up with so. I'm sorry that don't want to be a part. I'm I'm annoyed because I said that as a joke and I can't believe that serious cut a cardboard cutout want you to interview. I thought I was literally fucking joking. And I'm like how about this about me and him do an actual in-depth long conversation. Because that's what I do. We don't do stupid fucking. GimMe and his last album. The reason why didn't do enough was because they wanted to plant some stupid fucking paintball thing and then and we did it but it was like it was second blog. Yeah went to play paintball films. Some of it was so stupid that we just put it out. I don't think so. I think I don't remember this. But it's just the label trying to do too much like you want to do something good with me that's GonNa Support Project is do the fucking Internet surprise if they hit you being like The show where he gets his dick sucked at the different restaurants..

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