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Neil law can stay in WTO. The U.S. Military says one of its drones was forced down into the Black Sea, following a midair incident with Russian aircraft. A Russian jet approached from the rear, dumping fuel, U.S. officials believe it meant to come up in front of the drone so it would fly into the fuel cloud. But pulled up too soon and clipped the drones propeller, which is located in the rear. The drones controllers could do nothing but let it glide into the sea. It happened 75 miles southwest of the Crimean Peninsula, a part of Ukraine seized by Russia. That CBS David Martin. And following that drone incident Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer issued a warning to Russian leader Vladimir Putin, WTO's Mitchell Miller has more from Capitol Hill. Stop this behavior before you are the cause of an unintended escalation. Senate majority leader Schumer singling out Putin for what he calls a reckless act. Schumer says the U.S. has seen this behavior before. And it will not deter the United States from conducting operations over the Black Sea. As for Russia's continuing war, some Republican senators are reiterating their support for Ukraine. Florida governor Ron DeSantis will likely GOP candidate for president, said this week that the war is a territorial dispute, and that the U.S. should not consider protecting Ukraine a vital interest. On capital hill, Mitchell Miller WTO. U.S. Marshals are continuing their search today for a former chief of staff to ex Marilyn governor Larry Hogan. Roy McGrath failed to appear in court Monday for the first day of his trial on wire fraud and embezzlement charges. A law enforcement source tells CBS News McGrath's family was at his home in Florida when FBI agents visited the house yesterday. The source also said McGrath's high profile and the widely circulating photos of him will make it difficult for him to remain at large. Several D.C. area prosecutors are backing bills they say will strengthen their ability to prosecute people who sexually abused children and help victims of child trafficking. In Maryland charging someone with a fourth degree sex defense for having a sexual relationship with a 16 or 17 year old child requires proving the person had custody over that child, like a teacher would. Otherwise, according to Montgomery county state's attorney John McCarthy, the age of consent in the state is 16 years old. The law proposed wants to expand the categories of individuals who lure 16 or 17 year old individuals into sexual activities, exploiting a position of trust. The other piece of legislation being supported according to prince George's county state's attorney Aisha brave boy. But provide immunity from prosecution for child victims who are survivors of human or sex trafficking. Learn more WTO dot com, Mike Morello, WTO P news. D.C.'s treasured cherry blossoms are expected to reveal themselves earlier this year and just in time for the national cherry blossom festival beginning this weekend. The National Park Service says we should see peak bloom

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