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Yes, Still, there's a little bit of that, but The talk of him changes. You don't talk about him anymore like that. He is no longer the pesky underdog Josh Allen. Once he signs that contract, I'd really say now, but really, once he signs that contract, he is no longer the pesky underdog. He is the guy that has the expectations to carry a franchise and I don't think there's anything wrong with that. By the way, the fans expecting that now we're changing the way you think about them, because that is the way we have to. If you're going to pay him, if you're gonna pay him, he does have to perform that way. If he's going to go out and and accept that kind of money in the you can blame the team for giving it to him. But I think at the end of the day, it's okay for fans to say. Okay, buddy, like now you've got to do it more consistently. You're getting paid to be the guy. Yeah, And I wonder. I mean, I guess you know, we'll see. Alan seems very well grounded. And, you know, outwardly, you know, very self confident in his ability, but that all of that can mess with you. You know, like the expectations you can try to keep keep a lid on it or just not think about it, But I think you know it's something that is always there. And, you know, maybe Allen's got mental skills Coach is to like work on exercises to sort of avoid, you know, dwelling on it and that kind of thing, But it does. It's a different The equation is just different. It's different for us, Uh, and the fans and it I think is undeniably different for the player. It's just a question of how much if at all, it changes. You know his mindset about all this. Let's let's get connected with our fans here in this first segment, and that is brought to you by Ban Schenkkan King. A full service buffalo law firm. Ken is up first, this segment with the thought on Allen and Abel. Hi, Ken. Thanks for calling your on W G. R. Guys. Thanks for taking my call. Um, I'm calling about Obviously devil and our devil. Good offensive coordinator, obviously, at least appears to be I mean, like you say, could be Allen could be able to come combination of the two The way I look at it is this If you lose stable You get another offensive coordinator of the same mind that utilizes the strength of all the players that he has, and we have talented players. If you utilize their strength. I think you're going to be a successful coordinator because at the end of the day It's Josh Allen making those incredible throws. It's not the offensive coordinators split it between two defenders and over the head of the other linebacker to get it perfectly into their hands. That's what I've seen from Josh Allen's progression. That's that's why I have the confidence in them. That as long as you've already got the talent around him, you utilize his strength and the strength of the people around him. You're going to be successful. He'll continue to make those kind of throws. You're going to be successful. He's also going to make the offensive coordinator. It's like the chicken and the egg. Is he making table look great or stable, Making him look great. Some people say Well, then I say it comes down to the throws. You see those throws you see the confidence and I'm And I think their confidence and those and that talent combined is what's given him. The ability to flourish like he is. Yep. Excellent job, Ken. Thank you. I I like this, uh, this point because, yes, table gets a lot of credit, scheming guys open and all that. But let's remember, like day ball had never had Successful like a like a top ranked passing game in the NFL. His quarterbacks were pretty bad and like that's probably there's a correlation there right. Like why? Why is your passing game? Not good. If you're such a good coordinator? Well, maybe because I'm working with like I forget the names, but it's It's not an impressive list of guys that he Was coordinator for so you finally get someone as talented as Josh Allen. And suddenly the whole thing works like I think both guys deserve credit. They get credit. Um, but I I like Ken tend to lean towards the talent of the player. Helping elevate the coordinator versus the the coordinator. Making Josh Allen, who he is because ultimately like Ken says, has to make the throws and do the things that he can do athletically, and I think that's the harder piece of the puzzle of Find. And I also it was a well laid out thought as bold oxide. Ken. Thank you. I am not. As I guess concerned or worried. Maybe it would be the word. I think I'd be saying here some people might be about the bills losing Brian Devil I don't want them to. There's no doubt, but I'll rewind. You know, 67 months ago whenever it was And say the same thing. Now, as I did, then, which is Brian table were to leave for any job to go to another team. Rain and being Sean McDermott will have very, very reputable, talented people beating down their doors to take that job. They will have people that want to be a part of Josh Allen and what's going on in Buffalo and to work with his team have a chance because that's their stepping stone to get to be be a head coach to work with that kid and what he can do. And I can pretty much guarantee you they already have lists of people that they would have in mind for that job. So to what Ken said about? Well, you have to get an offensive coordinator that would do this. This and this. I'm sure if Brandon Beane is going to invest 40 plus million dollars in Josh l, which I think eventually that's what it's going to be. It's gonna be 40 plus million dollars a year in Josh Allen. He's not going to go out and find an offensive coordinator post. Brian dabble. It doesn't do those things he's gonna say No, it's about Josh Allen. So I'm going to get a guy that make sure that he uses Josh l in the right way, and he will be completely and thoroughly vetted. And maybe already has been by the way to know that they already have their ducks in a row. If and when that happens. Yeah, it should be a very desirable job. 100%. That's what that's what it is when you when you get to that level when you've got the pieces in place, Alan, Of course, the key man, but digs definitely rights here. The depth of the receiving corps just all of it. The success of the team the stability Um, of McDermott and being in place as long as they have been like It looks like a place where you could trust. And I think if you have that, then I think you should be able to You know a value self of like the best the best offensive minds that are available at the time, So we'll see if it if it comes to that, Thanks again for the Cannes, uh, the can call the call Ken. I meant to say I appreciate it very much. We'll take a time out here. Greg wyshynski ESPN dot com on the Stanley Cup finals, the upcoming draft and the state of the Sabres. We'll get into all of that and more with Greg. After this, I am the bull box alcopops chosen.

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