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Morning the number one hit music station one of seven five Casey alf in case you missed it chasing him and backed out of the Turkey shoot and Katie stepped up and I'll do it and she did it and this was some of your thoughts on that a couple days ago more fallout from chasing given backing out of Turkey shoot he got the most votes himself an intern hugs actually thirteen thousand more votes an internal exit over fifty thousand votes cast anything I'm not doing it he was Mars go behind her back to the president of our company and get a excuse note on their name no such a thing that's because it was an unfair contest yeah that's what you keep saying it is okay as I I'm sick and tired of this I'll get shot as a Turkey we know these choice choice and I stand by it because we made an appointment so to speak to a live radio language with you our listeners and why would you ever believe anything we ever said again if you're like oh never mind we're not doing it now you have all the time in the world to come to us and say you don't want to die did mention a few times now a passing how like I don't shop there once everybody says that but I was like it's kind of unfair it was made you know with the me I would I would never have chosen me and just hug like that it was may when I was in Mexico is not is not right and even management agreed welcome we have this one sided one sided so Katie got shot by tons of paintballs it was a lot more than yeah I got bruised up heat herself and had to go home for about forty five minutes I did sorry to start a little laundry and that's how it was and let's not forget right what's that the worst part of the whole thing was the fact that Jason it comes out of the studio like a jerk a whole why late at and I still can't believe that I'm stunned I think I blacked out because I totally forgot so he's like I'm not do it and then Katie does it he should take the shock and what it done right comments and pouring in love it I mean thousands of comments emails Facebook messages it means it's out of control not everybody understands I think how do they do that your baby and eradicating does is also she's a hero because he wanted to be a hero I'm doing it to because it's for the good of the program Landon this is her name yeah said Jason should be considered a millennial he acts like a selfish self entitled brat he needs a safe place so you're running cry to mommy he should identify as a little girl then again a little girl has more balls than he does wow her her head no says Jason is the equivalent to a child his mom asked him to do something in days and in like what she said so he goes and runs to Daddy for a different opinion so that he can have what he really wanted what child Sierra borrow said about chasing a backing out now I know what chases promise I just listened to his ET commercial no wonder he such as do man parts aren't working right even though the commercially says I don't have EDS they are working right.

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