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Difficult for people who under how you look at those are my car those damn black lives matter people what are they doing and in fact there was not one that sin ella of truth to it but yet it may be beside so what are they think i don't know whether you think it's our job here in the talk radio these doug radio business to try to write that stuff were ignored or what do we do uh there's a lot our job i think it's our job as human beings to tell the truth i think it's our job not just and talk radio i think all human beings have a responsibility not to deceive and um you know the i'm a little white lies to tell somebody that they don't look as ugly as they do that's one thing and not talking about that i'm talking about deception i'm truck can get out uh purposefully telling people things to deceive them which would not be to their benefit on any level uh that that i believe i am against that uh i am i i have a strong feelings about that even in entertainment if if you're entertaining and you're walking of that line between entertainment and information and you know in your heart that the people think it's really even though your just kidding around you have an obligation to try to do what it takes to make sure people no you're kidding that that you can't blame it on the audience for not getting it happens a lot but i'm saying is that i i've i do not believe we whether were talk show hosts or whether we're just people talking across the backyard fence i don't believe that lying and deception is something that anywhere in the judge which of the universe you come out with a gold starred yeah right yeah i remember you just made seventy come into my mind i haven't thought about for lanka terry williams who was one of the founders of the talk association one of the founding fathers of current two and talk xi's better than most of the people there are russians at everybody he was very good and he gave whether he eating coined the term but he used it vox populi remember how often we used to use that voice of the people.

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