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The Last live action suit and the one that is kind of a counterpoint to a lot of the things we've said, and that's just because they it is the crisis on infinite earth? Brandon Ralph. Kingdom come style suit. and. It's it's a kind of a different style. And I like it. A Lot. Yeah, I. It's it. It's padded. You can see the pattern muscles the symbol. Looks like a symbol on top of the suit, but it looks really good. Material. Looks Good. It's long, but it's not on the ground is. This is my favorite. CAPE. My favorite. Blue Bodysuit. The blue. Looks really good. I mean Brandon Routh, just talk and has huge feet. So the boots just look really big. and. They look not as bad as the suit like I wonder in some ways like they were trying to keep it like this is where the Superman return evolved into. So like the way the. The trunks are cut more like a brief. Yeah. Then like a full on just like. It was before. I think I. Think it looks more like like an actual set of trunks kind of thing less like a like a set of underwear. Yeah. Less and less legs. His tighty whiteys tidy read whatever. Ultimate costume, but it is like I. Love. You know the bell is cool because it's it's different. WHO's now we're not using the gold where using to black. So the blacklist cool with that style of this and. And then the gold belt buckle in the middle. It all comes together. Nicely. And looks great in motion in live, action? The still you can kinda like pick little things apart. But also when you see it in live action and and Brandon routh and motion in, it looks really good. And you know as much as we've said that. Trump's don't work in live action. Well, you know. I can eat words NIEKRO. It's cool. I think with doing the darker tone. Help. And I think the trump work on this suit. And there's also I'm thinking takes a certain. Actor. To characterization. Yes. To to embrace it and they'd be sold off. Like they put trunks on.

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