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I think it'll be a special teams, I would feel the safest saints via try hord leaders special teams kinda guy over the pure athlete. But I do get what you're coming from those going to be a Kentucky. I bet you. I would be surprised if it wasn't address pick. I I agree with you. I just I think if you're gonna make a pick like related directly to coach looking at it. Guy. That's kind of like a coach's favorite, which is usually a special teams leader, try hard guy. That's thing. I'm thinking, but Lonnie Johnson fits what we think that she's looking for corner. So he's definitely which that guy's gonna be Mike Edward. Yeah. I can see that They're they're going going to. to cash Daniels. Darius Darius west the teaching just not Jordan Jones. That's that's it. It won't be Jordan Jones. Okay. So I'm just gonna just throw it a number here for this where forty six. If okay clo- the jayhawks lost by right close. Okay. Mattie. Thank you for drilling. This as usual. Take take a guess where is the defensive? Where's the where's the defensive DO Devia way for a team the ads clone feral and Lonnie Johnson? I'll say twenty third. I'll say nineteen. Twenty. Okay. So we're kind of all in that. They're not quite middle of the road. They're they're they're trying to they're kicking the door down on the middle of the road. If that's all they do. Yes. I think that's about. We're going to be with the amount of money. We have I suspect another move which changes that but for this exercise where we all right now not knowing yet. I think those exact moves into that. Bottom of the last third of the best of the last third of the week. That's the point of the exercise. So okay, we are going to take a break, and we will be back right after this. I'm music colleges. Nate Sloan songwriter. Charlie harding. We're the hosts of switched on pop the podcast where Charlie and I breakdown pop hits to reveal how the music works. And why it matters. It's our job to help you find those hob moments within the music, whether you're a pop fanatic or skeptic, a teenager or an.

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