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Cat. Okay. Let's see. Winning writer award-winning writer. Let's see myself without anxiety says Lindsay. Well, someone says Jason Bourne. No, everybody's out to get you. Why would you wanna be Jason can kill a guy with a magazine? Looking over your shoulder, though. It'd be terrible. That's true. You know, what else is terrible. Traffic. This is it. Yeah. Including front runner, there's ten minute delay the southbound train from south Jordan, ah, Lee high. They're having mechanical issues there, you probably have it in the news Bill. I'm guessing the big avalanche in Provo canyon. Yes. That that was huge, and it is still closed. They're still trying to clear that out. And let me see that wasn't the only canyon that was closed. We've got Spanish fort Kenyan chains are required for all semi trucks from Spanish fork to helper. We've also got restrictions in big Cottonwood canyon. Little Cottonwood canyon is closed for avalanche control until ten AM. So most of these issues are in the canyons not so many accidents down here because like they're saying, it's it's mostly just wet down here. But if you see something you will share text it to us three three nine eight six Ben folds with..

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