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Ready, please. You think they're worried about that? Pretty damn good Mayfield. I'll tell you that. I don't wanna hear it Peyton Manning's first coach. I believe was Jim Murray. It wasn't Tony Dungy. They didn't take off till he got there. What are you talking about continuity? This guy should have been gone two freaking years ago. He lost the team two years ago. We will watching games like this game last week two years ago. Look at the Arizona game on a Monday night. Look at that the Colt game on a Monday night when they didn't show up in those games two years ago when he lost the team three weeks into the season when Brandon Marshall and Sheldon Richardson will fight locker room and a team was done three weeks into the season five eleven last year. He got pats on the back for being five and eleven nine hundred last eleven games ninety two last eleven how many games they stood at one that they didn't. I don't wanna hear it anymore about Todd Bowles. And I don't want to hear that's going to hurt Donald because that's a lot of hogwash. It's a lot of freaking wash. Guys got a goal. He should be gone now. And his franchise scares me because the guys running it don't know what the hell they're doing. They scare the hell out of me. These guys I can't believe the guy called up and actually thought he was going to be able to convince you they should keep bowls. And I love it. And I feel like you just mean for the rest of the season. Okay. Fine. Next year. This is true brought his his Bs with her Donald. It means not gone over the examples. I mean coming stop it around. We've already gone over this. This is not new it's actually commonplace. Now almost check the coach with back. They're gonna fire Todd Bowles. They're going to hire a new head coach. And they better get it. Right, man. That's where I'd be concerned. When you talk about men, not trusting this organization, you go. That's what I don't trust him about. Because here's what's going to happen. They're going to hire. A search firm led by. Casserly. Can't do that. No, no, no. You know, you let me make the call. And I got more confident. It's not that. I look I mean, you could make a case about McCain and going to get it. But I got more confidence in mcalinden making the call on head coach, then the owners would some stupid search team who's going to bring their buddy in there? Which is what castle we did with balls? Gimme a break one thing. Mike maccagnan. Definitely got right is our next guest. He signed him. It's as best free agent signing this past season. That's Avery Williamson..

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