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Up about five blocks from here yeah so anyway just thought I'd mention at seven sixteen at W. T. M. J. thirty two degrees let's see let's catch up on a couple of things got a winter weather advisory till nine for Dodge Jefferson Waukesha Walworth Racine and Kenosha county so we got snow overnight it's pretty heavy I mean it's not much but it's heavy Connie is a mass yeah ours a road what if I can and do more walking because it's a lot better scanner snow this morning flurries afternoon thirty six traffic wise west one ninety four AT T. T. like tango two right lanes are blocked with one ninety four F. F. like foxtrot the right shoulder there's a vehicle and over the Madison area eighteen east and west the shut down because of a major incident over there so if you're heading that way that is what's going on so let's go to new Berlin that's for Caroline is he Caroline good morning good morning I have a profit in my bathtub that no longer will give me hot water only slightly warm what has to be done is it a single handle controller to handle control is single so somewhere in there cartridge there's a problem so with the single handle there's we call it a cartridge but it is an insert that fits in there and it controls the water and it's sometimes is more like a ball sometimes it's like a cylinder and as you move the control handle up and down it aligns the sports and allows cold water to flow or hot water flow so probably that needs to get rebuilt or replace the cartridge and her and Carol did this happen kinda like all of a sudden it just quit working no no just kind of gradually continues to have hot water okay now thank you I'm assuming you have hot water to sink yes okay so the problem isn't supply to that area the problems in the control panel so something's not aligned others injured in it or something loosened up is so it's a pretty easy job yeah we turn the water off I think I coach Danny how to do this once you turn the one he said I forgot to jump into the water on he forgot to tell me to turn the water off so could you turn the water off and and below that handles a roundish not that she really almost come off by hand and then the whole some rooms are I mean if you're not mechanical don't try it because you know our will work in any of the you know so it's a plumber it's a plumber type job and then you clean out the housing a little bit and replace some pages replace the washers in there but something to replace the whole assembly and you need to get parts arm so he went to someplace like plumbing parts plus quite honestly took a picture of it think of the plumbing parts plus say here's what I got and they could give you depart pulled all have right there in the store cool thank you Carolyn let's get to Bob real quick Bob's in the fall see Bob good morning how are you right I have a Honeywell humidifiers although my first book three years ago this you're fired up it seems like the water control does not stop the water when you reach a certain dignity interest on slaughter leaked out of the house not just the overflow too but all out of the house is that not shut off no one right who that's a problem you don't want that water pouring down on your furnace yeah yeah there's a little solenoid valve in there that would turn the water off in response to the controls so somewhere you've got a humid a staff control that you separate certain humidity level right and yeah yeah that might be in the dock work or that might be up in the living space and then that runs a little low voltage solenoid valve it's so you generally you can just pop the cover off of those and take a look inside and see what's going on but you said it's like overflowing the drain line to alright Sir yeah and I am off to cover up and while the furnaces running calling metro humidity it seems that the water all never shuts off those ones those are the elements is completely saturated just continues to dump water well and it leaked out of housing not just the great okay so there's something else wrong with it too I'm a call for humidification it should dribble water across the top keep it constantly wet in the unit should drain water constantly when it's humidify it sounds to me like you got too high of a volleyball water or it's not get directed to the right spot on the humidifier so I also would check the drain line to make sure the drain line not is it partially blocked on real world okay then there's it's not more yeah if I just take the water supply back I try that yeah to start just drink there is supplying way too much water to the system for some reason so a hundred Bucks fire you know with only two accords all yeah well did you try turning the humana stat often zone a shot at Waterloo and it works well when it's not calling three humidity everything's wonderful but as soon as it starts calling for humidity this thing will not regulate the amount of water on but not of the elements yeah.

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