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The key question is he was he feeling the pressure after park land from the democrats the democrats aren't going to vote for him anyway he's not going to get their votes he's he wants to run for senate against bill nelson is he pandering to republicans who think might be moderate or is he pandering and pressure caving in to the media pressure which one is it it's got to be one of the no i think you're missing appoint that at least in arizona you are in arizona the chamber of commerce has a fee simple estate on the on the governor's growing and basically they they they dictate policy and he listens and the chamber of commerce republicans have never been friendly to the right to keep and bear arms and they believe it's bad publicity for zona if we don't quote do something on quote and listened to them and frankly i did a interesting thing at my work in media for the citizens defense league causes me to join virtually every antifreedom organization there is so i can keep an eye on them and the brady campaign sent me last year year and a half ago sent me an invitation to come to one of their planning meetings so i took them up on the invitation of rent took them about an hour and eight minutes to figure out what throw me out pretty it was pretty interesting stuff and i can tell you that in that meeting they particularly talked jerry hill the one of the founders of the movement here in arizona the anti freedom movement as as out outside we got friends at the chamber of commerce and we're gonna use those friends to talk to him and that's exactly what they've been doing it's not it's not really a covert secret yeah that may be that may be in arizona i can't say that's the case in florida what i'm talking about scott i believe the pressure on on scott was so unbearable that the pressure that he was.

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