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All right. Thanks AJ. Partly to mostly cloudy with heavy fog at the coast this morning, a hazy sunshine by this afternoon. We'll see highs from the fifties and sixties at the ocean sixties around the bay to the mid seventies inland. We'll see clearing skies Friday through Sunday with fog nights and mornings at the coast. Highs some warming from the low sixty s at the oceans of the upper seventies inland Sunday and a bit warmer Monday Tuesday with highs from the sixties at the ocean to the low eighties inland right now. San Jose's at fifty nine. A San Francisco fifty eight same temperature in Redwood City fifty nine and Mountain View fifty eight and Livermore Oakland also showing fifty eight it's also fifty eight and Santa Rosa, San Rafael Fifty-seven, and we're looking at sixty two now in concord, traffic and weather together on the news one of six nine AM seven forty KCBS KCBS news time, one twenty one of the biggest challenges facing many bay area. Schools is finding affordable housing for teachers KCBS as Matt Bigler report. The San Francisco forty Niners are partnering with a Bayer startup a few teachers move into their own homes. Here at oak grove high school and summit to Hama charter school. Teachers are finding it increasingly impossible to buy a home in Silicon Valley principal Jonathan Stewart says all of his new teachers are currently renting and some of them have made the calculation to move to move out of state or move to the East Bay as they start to get a little bit more serious about raising a family to help educators by homes closer to where they live the forty Niners and the bay area host committee for the college football playoffs. At Levi stadium are donating one hundred fifty thousand dollars to landed. The San Francisco start at that helps teachers with down payment assistance. Alex Lofton is the company's co-founder the best part about this is that we're just getting to talk about it. They were going to apple. Again. This is an issue. There are some some solutions that are out there. Hopefully, this will inspire folks to look into programs whether it be landed or others.

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