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Does he take to technician at the. Fa can you tell us what kind of training does one need. Sure so one of the awesome things i think about being a technician is our positions are so varied. There's so many different types of equipment that people can be working on so there's not an amount of training. That's really necessary to do this job. I mean it just depends on what it is. We get those military folks because they do have that training but we grab folks. it backgrounds. We have folks that are mechanical backgrounds. We have folks that are just kind of power system backgrounds that are working on h. Back and stuff like that because we need all of that to make sure that we're getting this work. Done h is particularly important because especially here in california. This equipment gets hot. It's just gonna shut down so it's a really important aspect but one of the best things about the technicians. You actually get that training once you come here so if you've already kind of worked in field that is marketable you're able to actually go train on the specific equipment and that's one of the best things about being a technician with the faa. When i came on with the agency. I went to radar concept school. I went to eleven squad. Didn't go to general radar. School actually learned the radar. On which i was going to be working. I went to two star school. I went to arts tweets. This is all just equipment and other just acronyms but everything that we work on. They send us to school specifically for that equipment and so you feel a lot more comfortable with that so really coming on. You don't need a ton of training. I mean if you have something. That's in the realm of it of of electronics systems of electrical systems h. Fac if you've got that background that'll get you in the door pretty easily and then when you get here. That's when you really get your training done and that's when you really learn exactly what you need to do.

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