President Trump, Ralph Northam, CBS discussed on KFBK Garden Show


Democrats and Republicans continue demanding that Virginia governor Ralph Northam resigned despite north I'm saying that he is not in the medical school yearbook photo from nineteen Eighty-four showing one man in black face in another Rene KKK hood, Garrick Johnson, president of the NAACP Till's ABC's this week north explanation doesn't make a difference ample opportunity as Lieutenant governor doing a Charlottesville incident and many other times prior to now to disclose that he has changed his way Conroe, Texas. Police searching for an escaped prisoner who got out of a private prisoner transport Cedric Mark's three pending murder charges. Another government shutdown is possible. It's President Donald Trump tells CBS face the nation, national emergency. It's other things. And you know, there have been plenty national emergencies called and this really is an invasion of our country. President Trump telling CBS that he is demanding money for a border wall. Chuck Sivertsen, ABC news. From the twenty four seven KFB K digital news center. It's eight thirty one fifty degrees. Newsradio k s became authorities. In San Francisco say a highway crash caused by a wrong way driver has left two people dead and seven others injured. The San Francisco fire department says the crash happened on highway one on one early Sunday morning on northbound lanes of highway one on one or closed and drivers are asked to avoid the area about twenty five. Protestors gathered outside the Sacramento county main jail Saturday afternoon a day after the tops report was released Marshall miles who died days after going unconscious. Police custody the demonstration was organized by black lives matter to protest the improper treatment. The report said led to the thirty six year old's death, and November the Trump administration says in court filings that removing migrant children from sponsor homes to be joined the parents would endanger the welfare the government didn't adequately tracked separated children before a judge in San Diego ruled in June that children in its custody be reunited with their parents. The American Civil Liberties union wants the older to apply to children who were separate. Before june. Cindy, Chan NewsRadio KF PK now, traffic.

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