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Two tenths were still to be beaten is don white. Told you could be done if you do it like this younger. You have nothing to worry about. So he made an example out of me for weeks. Ben could not lie on his back. Because of the welts from the beating decades later benz children saw the scars on his back. But not knowing the details of ben's hideous experience with the nazis. They just drew the wrong conclusions. His daughter gail. I remember as a kid seeing the scars on his back and they work so severe. They were pretty much healed right thought that they were. He drove at ups truck. I was a little kid. I thought they were just kinda marks from his truck while the school yang on there is a commotion at the gate. They called those three inmates they were pulling them in. You couldn't recognize any of them bloodied beaten to pieces and putting them in the gate and when the common down sobbed that just like a child who get sick of a toy and he pushes toy away. He told us all of us number ten to go back to the outline. Any orders his henchmen to bring down a portable gallo. They brought down the single gallo and the all had to watch while they were hanging. These three men. One by one i remember. The last one was young younger and he was a religious. I guess he cried out. Prayer shimmaywa struggle this prayer set before dying my israel at the Hainault two more words because it's only six words. When they heard it they kick the stool out for mother him and they wouldn't let them complete other ni- thought less toward god is one there were such sadists one night we hear cannon fire like the fruit with front was closed again that morning vero poorer to go to work as we came down to go to work here a loudspeaker saying no one is going to work today. The camp is being evacuated. It was february nineteen forty five. The allies were advancing aggressively and squeezing nazi germany and a metaphorical vice grip. In the west hitler's desperate counteroffensive against the allies in belgium's are then forest had ended in total failure in the east the soviet army had captured east prussia and reached within fifty miles of berlin. The once-proud luth wafa german air force was a skeleton of air fleet and the allies ruled the skies over europe dropping thousands of tons of bombs on germany. Every day the nazi's began a feverish. Evacuation of the work camps and death camps hundreds of thousands of prisoners were evacuated from hundreds of concentration camps incarceration and labor facilities. Along the retreat paths of the collapsing third reich according to nazi records roughly seven hundred and fourteen thousand prisoners were languishing in the concentration camp network in january of nineteen forty five. This final phase of the war was viciously murderous even by the horrifying standards of nazi genocide as american forces approach. The germans continued frantically moving prisoners out of the camps. Almost thirty thousand prisoners are forced on death. Marches away from the advancing american forces about a third of these prisoners die during the marches. I own cole was Be couldn't take about him and they marched us out that was called the death march. Because if you could not keep pace with the soldiers they simply shot you an all day. Long you heard pup pup pup being shot one week two weeks and after about two weeks. My cousin got very big says ben. Let me stood down the snow. Everyone will pass. Pastel shoot me. I can't take it anymore. I says no isaac. It's not gonna happen. We will both survive this. I will help you. And i helped him along walking a preliminary behalf to march the certain pace saint paces soldier and it was snow on the ground. His shoe was fell apart already. He is walking barefoot it and then couple day slave there. My shoe fell apart. And i'm walking barefoot on snow. Now we've walked be lost time. I don't remember it was two weeks or three weeks four weeks but they found out lately That was seven weeks zapped we marched from dern how to book is about four hundred and fifty kilometers. Heavy you dare became arrived in both moms. Were still alive and we came in. They lied to soften counted the us and they told us to go into disparaging inside their berry. They'll feed you know you can shower. They'll give you fresh clothes impress shoes but tomorrow morning early in the morning. You better chum beck to this book at nine. am cold because both malta's also being evacuated again. The prisoners are apportioned. Eighty two cattle car ben and his cousin isaac climb into the car. These two are all that are left from ben's family. His parents shot by the gestapo as they were attempting to follow their children and escaped poland hungary. Men's older sister. Lola her fate unknown benz other sister and younger brother march to the gas chamber upon.

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