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To the cage. Don't miss a second of the stack card. It's Occlusive -ly on dissolve, go to disown dot com. It's built DA's Z, N dot COM go there right now. Sign up. That's right. To Belmont is tomorrow, last leg of the triple crown and the place to being TV dot com. The best Bill takes offer in the market. I don't care. What you're looking at. Okay. You got Tacitus world. Well, I'm still looking down at what kind of exotic looking at all that stuff. But no matter what they have got the best offer for you. You gotta download and TV app today. TV dot com slash Carlin for the best on offered. They're going to give you a risk-free bet up to two hundred dollars on a single force win bet on any race at Belmont Park a one percent refund up to two hundred dollars. If your force loses insight credit. That with confidence. It is a win win. TV offers an amazing online betting experience. I've used them. They're fantastic, the user interfaces as easy as it gets the apps so, so easy to use. So. You've got the app to teach us, and it's easy to watch the racist to on your Amazon fire stick, Roku, apple TV get the TV. Gee. Again. Download the app today. Go to dot com slash Carlin for the Belmont law for they're giving you a risk free bed up to two hundred dollars a single horse win. Bet on any race at Belmont Park, please, please,.

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