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I started making my own music when I was four. This is sound from video from my first recital. Me and my teacher playing together. I remember loving that everyone was looking at me and I was so amazed to see how it got everyone's attention by playing piano. And so I just stared at back at the audience and people started laughing because I wasn't looking at the keys at and I thought this is awesome. I knew I wanted to become a professional pianist when I got to play with an orchestra out for the first time. This is me playing Mozart's piano concerto in a major with the local orchestra. I will never forget when the conductor came over to my house and we practice how I would follow his baton. I still think back on that moment and I remember how I dreamed and still dream of someday traveling the world with orchestras. That's when I got really into playing the piano and started practicing piano more. Beyond my dream of becoming a professional musician. I love the piano because of the ways it stirs up my imagination. Like with this piece, I'm about to play piano arrangement of theme from gem Carlo Menotti opera the old maid and the thief. The piece is in two parts. I a melancholy Richard Cari. I liked it. Think of the maid who has decided to take in Bob, a handsome guy she thinks is, but is not at this point and it's like she's saying to herself that she shouldn't love the thief, but is contradicting herself saying she does love the thief. I tried to put some melancholy into it, and then in Tacoma part where I can imagine bomb who's actually an honest guy, but he's now turned into a thief because of what's happened in the story. And he's running away with the pretty housemaid. Maybe they're tripping over something. And what. It's really quiet. They're hiding behind a garbage can, but maybe you'll have your own interpretation just don't expect to stare at the audience here at Jordan hall. I've gotten over that. Enjoy. Takata on a theme from Giancarlo may not old maid and the thirteen year old male me on the by Acton Massachusetts..

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