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The westside highway the major route the goes along the west side of manhattan they're calling it a purposeful turn made by the driver in this home depot truck home depot acknowledges it's one of theirs are cooperating with the investigation and a hero of noise wanna go back and i look i see you know a truck autry won't blocks down going down the mike them for some reason i i went that way when i went that way i seen a couple of bodies lane right there in the bike path and and when i was looking you know see if there's anybody else i heard gunshots in inbound nine or ten gunshots going off and i think pop sucking on a lot of these came running towards the way up where i was dating always going on day were confuse judge much on pretty short everybody else was at least seven people are dead about a dozen injured after somebody driving a rented home depot truck made what police are calling a purposeful turn onto a biking and jogging path and for several blocks taking out people along the way this is now being investigated were sold as a possible terrorist incidents i was walking down the road i see our group and was to women and children uh so they're running i hear one of the honor roles that he's got a guy he's got a guy show at that point i turn around by around thirty seconds to a minute after lies start hearing gunshots so it was probably one five two tangun charged one after another one after another very fast and then i got interested and i turned back around i wanted to see what happened so first i notice a man who is slaying on the ground it looked like he had been shot he was surrounded by officers um right next to him there was another man who has yet been arrested he wasn't coming up on of putting up a fight or anything he was on.

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