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Walking around the whole court everyone on the Clarksville for Tennessee was just gator chomp and right in the student's section doors. Right. Oh my God. That's just tremendous. But that's college though. Habit. If I was I was them. I will do the same thing. If I were them. I would do the exact same thing. And do it women chest. Heart without with say, a woman chess and chop it. All right. We'll put the Gators. Volunteers. Put them on the train mine is someone I'm not even a big fan of you. Rarely will hear me say, I don't like an athlete. Right. It might be situation might be team at times. But I'll never tell you that dislike ever strong dislike for John. I do not like Blake Griffin by Griffin besides this petty. You Blake Griffin overall is petty. There's no he was he's penny has a clipper he's putting now's piston just a guide that tries to get away with stuff that makes you want to go after him. And he is very easy to dislike Blake Griffin. I just put it that way very easy to dislike. So here's his latest nonsense. Here. Blake Griffin is warming up on the on the floor as the pistons get ready to take on the clippers as Blake Griffin finished his warm up. Steve Balmer, the owner of the clippers was on the sideline watching and waiting. When bomber saw Griffin finish. He started walking towards him. Blake saw bomber and sped up running away to the pistons locker room as bomber yell. Blake Blake with his hand out trying to shake his hand net is so typical Blake Griffin is also typical for him to pretend like it didn't happen running into..

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