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So if you want to say that they've been fortunate in some cases fine. But chalking what they're doing up to just luck, that's why opening, because it's not, I don't think it's an accurate reflection of what's happening there. I will say, I should have put provenance in initially, and if the friars have three losses on selection Sunday, they are going to have a great case for a one seat with two now. They're three, no matter how they get there, they'll have a really good case. I'll get to that in just a second. Just a couple more notes to wrap it up before we preview Tuesday. Do you want to note Miami one at wake forest in an important bubble game? I think that was actually one of the bigger bubble results of the weekend with Kane's going in to wake. Those are a couple of bubble level teams and Jim lerone is group getting a win there. Davidson lost it at Rhode Island. David is still in the field, but, you know, something for the a ten and then your longest winning streaks in the country right now Gonzaga, South Dakota state Murray state Vermont all sitting at 14 in a row. Good group there. Last one, Illinois state, athletic director Kyle Brennan announced an hour before the Super Bowl. That Dan Mueller will be let go fired however you want to turn it. At the end of the season, he's going to coach the red birds through the anesthesia and he's been there a decade and they were rumblings about this a year ago, but yes, we will have another opening. This one in the MVC with Illinois state. All right, as for our Monday, Tuesday, Paris. Monday, we're good. It's a light slate. Valentine's Day. Love how this I mean, listen, you know, I can't get fired up over wazoo and Oregon. West Virginia Kansas state Dayton URI these are solid matchups, but there's not a game of true national urgency relevance intrigue. So you kind of get Monday off to a certain extent. If you're a fan of anything that seems obvious, you could be locked in. But you know, Valentine's night might be a little bit open, nothing wrong with that. On Tuesday. My man took one trip to CVS and now he's fired up and ready to go tonight. I'm just mentioning how to horny as always come up. Can we continue on through the show? Here is a video. I'm not the one who thought I got hit on this morning at CVS. Hey, I was not, I was not doing the hitting. I was the hit he. Here we go. I guess I just don't assume every time somebody speaks to me that they're hitting on me. You've got a woman in her, I would assume early 30s. Okay. At the CBS card station, hallmark, whatever, are you getting anything for anyone? What kind of question is that? Well, am I buying it for myself here? I'm buying a card for myself. I can acknowledge it's a weird question. Come on now. I would go tomorrow to say it's even weird to even talk to another human in CBS. I agree. That's what I'm saying. Have you ever talked to another customer in CVS? I don't think I ever have. Don't think that's ever happened. Just outside of my curiosity. That's all. All right, so Tuesday night. We got loaded. All right. Only thing I'm gonna say to you at CVS is like, where's the drano? Can you show me where the drano is? Hey, life tip here. Don't pour drano down your toilet. Oh boy. Doesn't work. Yeah? No good, huh? Development in the parish household? Yeah, it.

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