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What they worked on. And to start the game, the blazers missed a bunch, so the Lakers were feeling pretty good defensively, but then things started to fall apart. And we saw the defense not look so good again. Now again, you will help users to 94 points, but how much of that was the Lakers defense was good? Compared to the blazers are bad. I don't know how much of the credit you want to split up there. Yeah, and I'm leaning more towards the Lakers are crap the blazes are just bad. Look at that second quarter. And that kind could just take all the hope away. Yeah, this was a good Lakers defense performance. Second quarter, okay, never mind I believe so just missing a lot of shots. There we go. This is normal. I've got Chris Martinez in all caps, so I know he's really serious about this. Trevor, what do you think about picking up Willie cauley Stein? And I've seen a few people asking about that. So Willie cauley Stein, I'm not completely up to date on what happened with him. The Mavs situation, he was away, I believe it was for personal reasons, but there was an era mystery there, where there wasn't quite clear exactly what was happening. So without knowing whatever it is that he's dealing with, and first and foremost, before we even in basketball, hopefully everything is okay with him. And we don't know. That's a big hurdle to overcome. So Willie cauley Stein, if everything's great and he's just sitting out there in the free agent market, okay, sure, maybe you could talk me into it. I don't know that that's exactly what they need. But he was missing games for the Mavs for a reason. And it was never really made public what that reason was or at least not to my knowledge at this point. So without knowing that, I can't say, oh yeah, he's a guy that you definitely want to go side because I don't know what his situation is at this moment. Yeah, obviously I make sure everything's good with them personally, but one thing I am seeing in the chat is we miss marquee Moore and I absolutely agree. Yeah, when I was talking about Paul Millsap, skill set being something that they lack, marquee Morris also fills that fills that role. Moog Morris do you think Justin holiday toy Craig would be great three and D wing targets?.

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