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Each other and we still can run the country in anti close. He's pretty impressive out. Think that she's eighty two full and very strong she. She comes right back. Well known a few eight year olds in my life and he knew there there. There seemed to be cognitive slip. Happy she's on. C- i mean she is on an and and yeah so. I'm thoroughly impressed with her. I think that she had said earlier on that. The agreement that she had made a with others the more progressive. The party is that she would serve two terms as speaker. This is the second term she was just elected to. And i'm hoping and i fully imagine that we're going to see some new individuals coming forward in leadership roles in we certainly see many of them come forward katie porter keep an eye on her she is a rockstar in our already. I think that she is doing it in outstanding job. She's a state rep She's a united states representative. And i just. I adore her. And i think that she's doing a lot of upgrade s. We wind down stephen What do you think what should we expect from by non once we get past all the impeachment hauer. That's gonna shake out you know he's really got For years now to to show us what can be gone. Where do you think are some of the top things. He's going to tackle i. Yeah so first and foremost it's coded cova coleman every piece every part of the government is going to be laser focused on kovin of any us through this crisis of helping americans get through and that's going to be everything from the health and medical side of things but it's also going to be on the support for our young families are young are small businesses a chimney bird. Small businesses have been held out to dry and and being able to see some real focus on delivering and and delivering in a way that not just his cutting blank checks to these offices but really helping the small businesses heat their staff. I think every one of us with our connections to the local business community can hold some really shining examples of folks. That said we're giving away. Were no longer taking salaries. But we're going to keep our staff employed where really going to lean in and and help our our young asked able to take care of their families. That's the thing that i think we're going to see. I think you're also waiting to see him wienand just because of his background. I think you're gonna see him. Really works to improve our standing on the national on the international i think he's gonna lean into a work with his counterparts throughout the world to be able to improve our standing. And i think that those are gonna be you know some of the things that we're going to see from him in his first hundred days that are probably gonna be the most To what i'm looking for the other thing is i'm going to forward to my whole world my whole day coming to a screeching halt because we're going to damage mode because of some wild tweet. That goes out. Like i'm really looking forward to being able to have that. We can plan that we can actually return to some norms. That is something important for me. Excuse me the last thing i want to say is having to justice department but no longer is beholding to political that this is gonna be a justice department. That is going to be free from political intervention. That it's gonna be it's gonna follow the facts that if you break a law. You're going to be held accountable. That is what we want to see. And i think that by doing those things President by will actually be able to get people to come to his side. That folks will give him the chance because they'll see it and biden is a big person to be able to say. Don't believe what i'm saying. Watch what i'm doing. And i think that's what we're going to see from him. I hope i hope you're right and i. I wish the best for him. I respect the office of the presidency. And i respect mr biden. You know winning the race. Taylor have anything you'd like to ask before we close young spot. Well we kinda talked about it. Last night's I would certainly like to live here and raise my kids here but a huge part of it for me like what is to see my kids public school. But we don't have the best public school system like the democrats bernie sir Plans or visions for education. Because i mean to me. That's just a huge factor deciding whether or not even stakes. I love ways. But it's usually out. It's a big deal for me. So yeah so look and obviously. I think that there's a lot of different ideas out there. But i'm a firm believer in in what clinton said when he was over in lake. Charles he said go to our schools. Find out what is working for them and then pay to replicated elsewhere. I think that's a really important thing for us to look at the problem that we've seen in one of the. I think the things that we are paying the price of the reagan era it is all taxes are bad. Look at the initiatives that we're doing here if we're take more constantly taking money away from those funds and the problem is that they're trying to balance that on the backs of the teachers while the problem i have with that. Is these teachers. That are now in their fifties. Okay agreed to defer compensation because of their retirement package because of their benefits package. They agreed to this work so that they would have that for themselves and ripping that a winning from them when they're ultimately two years to their retirement is not acceptable. So we we can do. Both we can honestly do both these things. We can have green schools that were reinvesting but we got lafayette high. And you will mmediately beat the most embarrassed person for any of the kids that have to call that their school it is falling down around the ankles of the kids that are going into every day in. We should all be appalled at that so we have to do better. But we have to have these honest dialogues. We have to go out there and have conversations with community and we got to get people to place where we can realize. We gotta be investing in our kids. How do you connect people in kobe. All their tax money doesn't go to what it says. It's four because that's a lot of people that i know were conservative data down for all taxes. Because they're like well they stakes for this. This but never is seven. It's just kind of like an all or nothing situation me. How do you convince them back. Their money's going where it's supposed to be going. Because i have to make sure that our leaders don't miss appropriate and send money elsewhere. So that's the first thing we gotta do. There's gotta be accountability on these individuals that are in office that are reshuffling these these monies being able to run everything through the general fund is not acceptable. We've got us for dedicating and we gotta start attaching one of the things that we saw over in. Calcutta she was there. Sheriff actually attached hitters increased millage to a covenant with the voters and said that ninety percent of this money is going to be used exactly for what we're italian you and if not i'm gonna come back in the air permission more of that. We're going to lean into being accountable and actually doing what we're saying we're gonna do to. There's too much fuzzy math. That goes on and all of this stuff and we're doing to ourselves. We did this year. We know when the airport tax is passed. It was for eight months and they kept their promise. All the money went to the airport. People voted for. It was masterful yet. Campaign lives impressive. Yeah that was. Larry side's group help in the airport commission but they did what they were getting a new air. That's exactly right. And i would also go back and argue The fiber optics the home. We did what we said we were going to do you back for those of us were involved heavily in back campaign iranian the democratic side of things. My friend john bertrand actually ran the republican side of things. That was so weird being in the same room with election day. Running our ops on it was so weird a by was it was something that that tier huma lettuce and ed and look every possible thing was thrown against him right every possible thing can even this day is still being a challenge but we delivered no one was gonna much higher bailed broads broadband. No was going to do that for us. And the amount of opportunities that is now provided to small businesses to educational opportunities for kids was huge. And so i will always put that feather in my cap and used as kind of a shining model of a community coming together and and really doing something for itself. Detailer of this has been great. Stephen hand work It's so good to hear your voice and to shine the light year. One of the people. I think that makes slap yet special and while we don't always probably agree on some of the political issues Again as i said in the opening our hearts are similar. Sa- thank you for taking time to share your thoughts and we'll see how the next few months unfold that i think locally. There's a lot to look forward here as we all start getting the vaccines and people emerge from this down. I'm looking forward to getting back to gnarled. Save me to. It was such a pleasure being here. Thank you so much for the invitation. Anytime you want to get together I'm there for you. 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