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Com app in book your resolution today David Struff Pelino WBZ traffic on the three is now let's check the accu weather forecast right now we have forty four degrees mostly cloudy skies in Boston that some that we see out there now is going to be behind the clouds today's and tonight's calms them messy mix we'll see clouds cloudy skies with rain ice and snow close twenty eight in the western suburbs down to thirty four near the coast and you can expect some slick travel likely overnight tomorrow that mess continues it'll be cloudy with freezing rain towards Worcester hills the northern suburbs they're gonna get a coating to an inch of snow all types of precipitation in Boston and the south coast that we'll just see some plain rain there a high of thirty nine degrees then new year's eve Tuesday it'll be cloudy with rain in the morning a high of forty eight degrees Wednesday new year's day some sun but it'll be brisk high of forty three this is WBZ news radio ten thirty with the news watch never stop good afternoon I'm sherry small in here the five things you need to know at twelve forty five death investigation is under way after a worker was killed as he was preparing first night and said Copley square hundreds of people plunged into the freezing waters of good harbor beach in Gloucester yesterday the plunge for Pete been raising money for eight years for ALS research and this year's plunge is the last police stepping up patrols in Jewish communities across New York state after a knife wielding man stabbed five people at a Hanukkah celebration the Taliban says it has agreed to a temporary ceasefire nationwide and police say a boy who was recovered from the Chicopee river yesterday has died and another child had gone missing yesterday afternoon authorities believe the two had fallen through the ice on the river crews are still searching for the second child who has yet to be located the names and ages of the two kids have not been released the boys though are reportedly brothers several protesters taken into custody last night in Worcester WBZ's Charlie Bergeron has detail activists with the group climate disobedience say ten people were arrested blocking railroad tracks on west Boylston street the group pro testing the continued operation of the Merrimack power plant saying it's one of the last remaining coal fired plants in New England and remains the biggest plant without a shut down date members of the group say they stopped to train which was carrying thousands of tons of coal headed for the Merrimack generating station in both New Hampshire the train was held up for thirty minutes yesterday's protest was one of several in central Massachusetts this month Charlie merger on WBZ Boston's newsradio residency in much of Louisiana are being asked to recycle their Christmas trees are preparing to collect Christmas trees and then use boats and helicopters to lower them and under water fencing in areas suffering coastal landed wetland loss or sherry they help to prevent erosion doctor rob Morrow manages southeastern Louisiana universities turtle cove environmental research station trees will help collect government center in the water eventually you build up some land with those Christmas trees at the base Dave go in for CBS news New Orleans is twelve forty eight North Korea begins a key meeting ahead of a self imposed year end deadline for Washington make concessions in nuclear negotiations the high profile political conference comes as the U. S. and national security.

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