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The home of a man named Thomas white grief there Charles the second was given his first proper bed to sleep in since he had escaped from the battle of Worcester family priest was also there a man by the name of father John Huddleston hoop faith and bandaged the king's torn and bloody feet Charles had been shown so much generosity and loyalty by father Huddleston by all of the Catholic Englishman who aided him along in his escape that Charles pledged then and there that should he become king of England again he would once again grant Catholics religious freedom if it pleases god I come to my crown he told father Huddleston both you and all your persuasion shall have as much liberty as any of my subjects Charles stayed relatively comfortably at mostly old hall for two days until parliament Terry trips arrived on the afternoon of the third day Charles and father Huddleston work quickly hidden in a priest told but the troops tortured and interrogated their host Thomas white grave convinced that he had fought with Charles at Worcester even though the truth was that he hadn't ventrally after hours of interrogation the troops left but the forces of danger were only closing in on Charles faster handles brother in law had already been captured by English forces interrogated tortured tanked but the entire time he had refused to give Charles up the entire is skate lasted six weeks and when Charles finally made it to Bristol he was able to smuggle his way onto a French merchant ship and make his way to safety right under the noses of the parliamentarian guards it was the most heroic experience Charles.

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