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For the bodies. Corner. Tim Davidson, telling the county commission he needs to expand capacity until the new morgue opens in about a month. And the long view daily News reporting. Now funeral homes are maxed out in callous county. Where there are 229 confirmed new covid cases over the three day weekend, But those numbers are incomplete and could be revised upward. Statewide. The number of patients on ventilators is up 34% over last week. I'm Kelly Blair. The Washington Department of Health knows the state's hospital capacity is stressed with covid cases, but say they have plans in place to avoid a breaking point. They're watching the surgeon are working with state, federal and private partners to help reduce the surge. They're looking at accessing additional volunteers and contracted workers and supporting efforts to shift patients to other health care facilities where they can get care. The Portland Oregon City Council has delayed a vote on an expected emergency resolution that would ban the purchase of goods and services from Texas in response to a new law there prohibiting most abortions. If passed. The resolution would also bar City employee travel to Texas Mayor Ted Wheeler's office originally expected the draft emergency resolution to be presented today. But said it was being postponed to best understand the impact of the ban. A number of pro choice groups in Texas fears such a move would have a negative impact on lower income workers still ahead on the Como afternoon news. I'm Carlene Johnson Ceatec airport, creating a space specifically for all of the Afghan refugees, arriving details straight ahead. On the news time three or four traffic every 10 minutes on the forest from the juvenile law Group Traffic Center. Here's Marina Rock injure. Well, a couple of issues in Seattle. So South bound to I five just south of James Street. We have a collision, blocking the H O V lane and right around the same area union. There's a collision. Blocking the H O V lane. We have slowdowns coming into Seattle that are starting to form that are pretty tough from Lake City Ways. Outbound four or five solid and Bellevue bumper to bumper to Newcastle. North 25, a sluggish into Everett from the Boeing Freeway. We also have issues NPR's county at Porter Way in five that is a cook collision that's blocking. It looks like it's in the right lane near Porter Way, so you will see a slowdown making the approach in fact, kind of sluggish off and on from highway 18 Next coma traffic at 3 14 update on traffic sponsored.

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