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That was just disgusted. And I still remember being on stage and getting heckled. I become the go, fuck yourself. You wouldn't be here and she got really pissed. And every time I walk past as you give me the finger the rest on, fuck you, you fucking loser found quite a Paul like a horror, some, fuck your. You'll be Puckett hor of your an era by going back onstage just going off on it. You weren't part of that now. I think it was me Duncan trussell who's a sweetheart, the best one of the best. They highlight five of the wrong fucking comics that fucking shit. That thing was doomed. Even before they decide, comics, you feel so you'll like I bumped into three or four months later at the store. They came up doing looking for like five hundred back like that as down. And then I not going to believe what happened. We advertise, we only sold one hundred thirty six units. We took a bad. We gotta pay family back now. The money we borrow from them. It was in barris. It's a crazy idea. Did. I mean, that's. Sometimes people just because they have money. I've learned this just because you have might doesn't mean you're smart. You know what I'm saying? Like there's some people got cash, did just make horrible, horrible business decisions. I'll here is specially I've seen that that what is that investment when you're not guaranteed the investment back? It's called something. There's people that just do that. It's got a high return, but it's like, but if you lose the mung, lose it, like give it away. So people will give away a half a million and five hundred thousands in fifty thousands don't vest a half a million in a fifty thousands with the hope that one of those fifty thousand or your high yield interest in cover their laws, they can make extra money. There's something called the communist anymore. It's back in the day, then shows where people are having sex where you to do not shows in us wingers clubs, and we went to the world famous green door in in Las Vegas. Yeah. So we're supposed to do another casino native freak out like, no, we don't want porn stars. It was just it was a weird time in Vegas, right? So I had this huge show put together. I had a guy from CSI wanted to do the show. He wanted to do some funny stupid skit about like DNA on the girls because we had porn stars and be like find out who was a murder of through the DNA, but so I call around. I remember my buddy had did a show had did the show at the green door and I'm like, what they wanna do comedy called guy, boom done. We sell like three hundred tickets in like honestly, a half an hour. That's how quickly the show. So because it was part of ABM weekend and all that shit. So we go there. And so this guy, the swingers man. Like, here's what about super rich people. They're all Cox, they'll bang each other's girl wives. It's just like they just get bored and they all just fuck each other. Right? So this swinger this guy ran a swing club new, a. All the all the ballers in Vegas and he got us the fattest sweet Evers Pat house I've ever seen in my life for you for for yet. Me Jason Tibo and I think one one of the big porn stars that she was going to stay with us to what was what's the good? Are you friends with Keira? Patrick Bajic. I love sheet. Did one of the most beautiful people you've ever seen your life? So we go to this hotel. It's at the Paris and we get our keys. You're like, wow, it's really high. So we go up and it's the last floor, man, we're like holy shit, and we walked down where where's it? Do we get double doors, man, open double doors. It's like half the top floor of like the Paris. It was the biggest hotel room. I've ever stayed in my life and it was ours for the whole weekend for doing the show at the green door. We go to green door. We do the show. It's a huge smash afterwards. And while I'm doing stand up, people are just fucking all over the place..

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