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What not to use okay last week the plastic strips smart phone temperature thermometer ABQ dot pacifier thermometer they have the members like that but I have to stay in a child's mouth long enough and then mercury glass the monitors mostly because the mercury and it is actually I had it in my mouth when I was a teenager and I turned my head to talk to someone I broke it off in my mouth our children our children yeah yeah no mercury thermometers because they're poisonous seriously the digital ones under the tongue for ten dollars is all you need okay we just have a little bit of several Texters asking for clarification are you weren't saying that you need anti bacterial soap you were saying that it's more the friction and the twenty seconds and really flattering it that's the issue you don't you don't need the anti bacterial no one will do any any any reasonable on the market so we'll do it okay and then finally just kick can we can we try to bring us up to speed with where the guidances on mass I saw the LA mayor do a very awkward news conference yesterday about how he's recommending everybody where one he tried to put one on you really couldn't he kind of just demonstrated what you talk about is that when people keep touching their face to fidget and move the mask around than there actually defeating the purpose because they're bringing new things to their face Laredo Texas today just made it a lot it's a thousand dollar fine if you don't wear one it seems that they're at least gaining more favor with our own governor Pritzker said yesterday in a week where when if you want it's not you don't have to but you can if such again lets start this whole discussion with obviously if your for your not not relating first responders and people on the front lines and hospital staff and nursing homes yeah those people out of the way what's the matter actually do the benefit is one it'll stop you from potentially spreading the virus if you are effective it'll reduce the potential if you're in the matic harrier unknowingly infect somebody else and your heart if you here's the not our social life but it's more respiratory and the drop would get onto something did you touch it and then infect yourself with it that's the most likely way teachers are getting infected so if you're washed away in your spend a short time around infected person the chances of catching it is much lower what you need any that being yourself much much higher much higher and so the man he had never gone against something like this kind of pandemic that's the issue so they're going to try things out of the box they have been recommended it but again it's about a carriers around no and if it actually protect people get that yeah that's a possibility then then maps would help but we haven't been enough people yet even know who has it who doesn't have a what should you do you have a high burden and a lower burden we don't know any of these things you're much more important than I think the most important thing in terms of mask is wash your hands because that's probably more important and will save you more than wearing a mask but I don't know the numbers might support where to map data I don't know the answer to that none of us know the answer to that actually the data is just not there all right well we appreciate you being honest with what is known in the in the community the medical community Dr Steve Dr Steve Saltzman joining us every day since it began and we certainly appreciate you doing that answering our questions large and small he's with green Kerr medically treats people with chronic illness and chronic pain thank you doc I like I took a lunch box talk to you tomorrow we you know we're gonna talk next about the river here employment attorney back Cody Rheinberg some questions yesterday filled up the phone lines and the text line and so we want to bring that bring him back again today he agreed to do it and answer your questions as we are hearing a lot of issues with Illinois's unemployment filings what a technical issues and glitches and of course we got those unemployment numbers today that showed more people than ever are going to be flooding those of the website and end up filing for unemployment than ever before so we'll talk with Cody Rheinberg the attorney the employment tourney coming up here on WGN there's a chance your local geico.

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