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The way are your competitors here and he's going to do a powerpoint for you like that doesn't that doesn't happen but but just at hammered sam rockwell is so easily and he tries so hard and he so not cool it happens at the grand prix it happens later when he's trying to be the villain but he's really he's really not the villain because there's an actual villain he's just he's hapless kind of throughout and and again great casting like sam rockwell that's he's actor and he's playing this part that that like in iran three actually whether similar kind of undercutting of of villains that you think are villains and they aren't just a hammer not a good guy he's behind this whole thing but he's he's a stooge and i really enjoy that performance i'd forgotten how much rock well we get and it's very funny yeah he's great i mean so many things but this was was like like peak samrat yeah right like weasley as you can yeah exactly he's almost like that kind of michael scott feeling too oh yeah oh yeah that's i i meant it to be like we're not really competitor tries really hard we're buddies pretend to compete i love him oh yeah yeah well then there's that moment where the reporter from the first movie is talking to him too because he's going to get his big cover story in vanity fair and meanwhile in the background of the tv the all the action is happening and she excuses herself and he's just like you feel so this is a big moment nope tony stark's ruined this to sorry sorry dude you're never you at least you're a billionaire because you've got that going for you that's it yeah san rockwell's entire remit for this movie is to portray an incompetent yeah and he rises to the occasion yeah somehow he's successful businessman but he is bad at everything here we do have by the way i should mention this movie are meant to because now our men is cool has cameos from larry ellison and elon musk funny moment where tony action says i love that i love that merlin engine which is the engine that they use in the falcon nine rocket and the best part about the larry ellison cameo is it's immediately followed by the stanley cameo which made me laugh out loud that was a good that was a little good moment because they they thought he was somebody else also there's there's there's an there's an oracle pavilion at the end to get enough larry hills might have been some cash changing hands japanese it's like a japanese garden which is a very that leaves that leaves mickey work and the speak talking about your peak peak character actors peak mickey work as i've here there's a great i think this was right after the wrestler coming off and then you get a big paycheck i think that's the best and then you go away forever and it's but you got the money and so it's okay so he's ivan vonk oh interesting character because his dad basically invented the arc reactor with with tony stark's dead and he's he is i i'm not again i don't want to prejudge somebody based on their looks but he's probably the least likely nuclear physicist since denise richards the bond movie really really nuclear scientists okay picky works really ill okay you'll be fair he had a pretty rough go of it he did yeah he probably just like worked out in prison and that was that was the story but you know what i love mickey work in this he's he is he is menacing but also has this light touch he really just wants his bird his real bird to be brought to him he's got he's got he's got he's got the medal on his teeth he's got his tooth picks that he's got with them it's just such glasses he's the he's the inverse tony sorry layered such a weird performance and that's why it's so great i think is so strange as whiplash base it's incredibly weird and yet somehow compelling i love that he basically basically runs circles around most of the people in this plot through the second half and that's it's kind of interesting because you do have that whole bayton switch like you said with the.

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