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In terms of course, consolidation as we just mentioned building and deploying a fully autonomous system is really, really hard problem, and, you know, it's also has this property that is very easy to get started. And it's also very easy to get excited about the early progress you're making. But the more deeply you engaged, the more deeply understand the problem, The more you realize just how hard the past kiss so given all that. It's not surprising that we saw a number of parallel efforts Spring up. But now we're seeing and you will likely continue to see someone consolidation in the industry. And then from the window perspective. We have done some targeted acquisition of the past and then We will continue to keep an eye on for what's happening in the industry. Now educators. How aggressively is way more engaging with state government local regulators to allow a wider deployment of fleets. Where will the next Phoenix Be So we must been engaging with state, local and national government officials on how best to deploy this technology for years and in Arizona. It was really exciting because Governor DC started out sort of. Enabling the technology path through an executive order. And this year we saw the Arizona Legislature passed a bill that actually codified that And so I think there are a few states that are taking the lead. They're taking the lead because they haven't interested actually solving some of their own mobility challenges. They can look down the road and see that this technology would be useful. Are there use cases and so we're deeply engaged in every level of government and one of the things that's great is transportation. Innovation is a largely bipartisan issue. People recognize that this is an opportunity for the U. S toe lead globally and so it enjoys support on both sides of the aisle. So, you know, obviously I know that the Chrysler Pacifica is one of your big vehicles and having a large family myself. Dimitry. When will I be able to hail a Pacifica? Or buy one myself and have it take my family to Tahoe. You know, Give me a time. Give me a number A number of years. No other nation. We have started the deployment off the way my driver in Phoenix people who live there can already do that. Today. We're working on advancing technology. Tonto scale up and take a regular business to more places and people and there's a lot of work happening towards that end. In.

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