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Gold that you didn't know otherwise no was there. That's huge these experiments made a failure. Just meant it didn't work and we're going to keep experiment. And so that's that's such a resilient optimistic mentality and there's a consistency element to everything. You're talking about you said. Hey we're not going to strike golden the first week with this podcast. We've do it for two years before people know before they care before they latch onto it. And i think a lot of business owners go our. I tried instagram. We posted twice. No one cared. I'm giving up and so there's a piece to it of you gotta be in it just like you've been in business ten years and all of a sudden you're an overnight success. That piece has to be there with your marketing with your branding so true. That's so true. Well i want to move into this idea of creating raving fans which is what you guys have done and a lot of people go. Listen joe my company my industry there's no raving fans in this industry and i'm sure that was the deal you know before you guys came along and the optics world people went. Hey i got it by thing for my rifle. And i'm out i got. I'm a bird watcher. I gotta get this piece in amount but you guys have done so much in this area And people are evangelizing. your brand. They're telling all their buddies about it and then the buddies want their seeing their friends. And they're going to get that. I wanna be a part of that Community so what do you attribute to there being so many raving fans for vortex. Yeah there's a good question in a wish. We had so much time that we could spend on this. I would say again just to reiterate a few things as you do really have to care about the customer and that will come through so assuming that you truly do care about the customer. I think you need to be fast. And you need to be friendly and you need to break the script and so Another good book plug. I'd give would be the power moments also by the heath brothers but one of the things that we do is. We look for opportunities to do something unique for the customer. So just this morning. I got something from one of our team members Who they a message from a customer. Who said i love your brand. I've bought a bunch of your rifles scopes. I'm super excited. Used this new one. I purchased you know in hunting season. Right after my wedding Later this month. So that right there you can just take that letter and say all cool. It's you know. Share it around the office and and were done or you can say okay. This person has bought multiple rifles scopes of ours. They spent literally thousands of dollars with brand and he just told us they're having a wedding next week. Let's do something for their wedding so we get together some wedding gifts and we get together a letter and we'll send that out a handwritten letter and so we'll do things like that and one of the things. You're a guest A few podcast ago. Casey graham mentioned and i just loved it was the story scales so we are creating stories with all of our customers. Yes we're gonna be fast. We're going to be friendly. We're gonna take care of them but we're also going to do some element that's going to break the script and that creates a story which then gets told from customer to customer and it really takes on a life of its own and i would say that is where you get raving fans and again when you get a raving fan. That is gold and so deep dive on that raving fans any male. Any emails that you've gotten at somebody falls in the category of raving fans. That's where your gold is. Go right there. That's an a plus on your report guard. Don't go to the sea and so you gotta get that better. Go to the a plus double triple quadruple down on the pluses. Your business and your customers we better for it. that's huge. Yeah the scale. The unskillful is way. You're talking about where you're going. Hey what are these little things we can do. Where the customer goes. I'm shocked in twenty twenty one for a business. That's this big to be even knowing that i have a wedding and sending me a gift card or whatever it is no matter how big or small is just absolutely incredible and of course. I'm gonna go post about him in a tag guys and my friends are going to go man. I'd like to do business with a company like that. That's how i'd like to be treated as a customer to show that that you really care. So i love them mentality. And a lot of businesses they have customers have revenue but they don't have raving fans what is is the journey to that aside from doing the things that we're talking about. How do you go from their customer their transaction to their evangelizing my business. It feels like there's a journey there. It may not happen overnight. So what does the steps that you know. Business owner listening can take to get there. Yeah so two things. One short may be one long so the short piece. I think is to do things where you again. You break the script but then to just stay the course and you hit earlier. Is that you know you. People have been in business for ten or twenty years and then all of a sudden people here about its overnight sensation. And it's not you gotta push that flywheel If you need more on that type in google jim collins flywheel and you really need to do it day after day. We after week month after month and then compound interest will kick in it will kick in and all the sudden everybody will swoop in wanted to know what the silver bullet was. That got you there and you'll note was just doing that time and time again fast friendly and break the script and this is something that'd be remissed to say in any any podcast or anything talking about vortex. It's a story if i may. That happened early on in. My career was just out of college. I was real excited. I was green and was going to go on the first trade show vortex the first trade show vortex and my dad sat me down and he went over. He said. Joe here's our plan. We're gonna make products that'll be the best product at that price point in the market so the customer is gonna get a better value than anybody else number to the retailer that sells our product..

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