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He this is Jonathan with the millis. Mindset and this is my podcast about p. c. One five seven and if you're thinking about one five seven you are definitely going to want to go and check out the data analysis article that I put together on it which is going to be linked to blow wherever you are listening to this podcast on my website which is limitless mindset dot com and. That article is going to include the sources and the citations for everything that. I'm talking about here so if I say something and you're like wait a minute. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Is there science behind this? Go and check out that article as I've got all the sources in there. I've got all the good stuff in there and as the science advances as I become aware of interesting new things that I want to share about. The nutro picks and anti-aging things like BBC. One five seven. I update those articles there on my website so sometimes those articles have got great new information in them. That is not in these podcasts. Because podcasts videos all that Social Media Multimedia type content. It's all a static medium. That doesn't change the way that I keep things updated on my website. So let's talk about BBC. One five seven. This is an. Nt aging peptide cocktail. A fifteen different amino acids be. Pc stands for body protection compounds and apt acronym as this peptides chief. Utility seems to be as a bio for resilience and healing in Jim Bro Slang. It's referred to as the Wolverine Drug which is just a really cool name. Isn't it if you recall in the x? Men Movies Wolverine has a super human capacity to heal his own body. And this is sort of what BBC. One five seven enables. You can find a hundred scientific papers and studies on it on pubmed to date. No human clinical trials have been completed. It's a research chemical for bio hackers with higher risk tolerance however since being one five. Seven is such a darling of the self experimentation community online. There's much that we can ascertain from anecdotal out there which I have analyzed so I'm to break down twelve benefits of BBC One five seven and I've got a image of the molecular shape of it and boy. It is a real doozy of a molecule. First of all BBC One. Five seven is a healing. Hack IF HEELS. Tendons ligaments muscles and even bones. I list this first because this is it's real strength. Anyone who spent much time in. Jim Is that if you want to put muscle on you need to really push yourself and inevitably you'll suffer some sort of injury. I go to the gym regularly or at least I did. And I've noticed a micro injury in my left elbow. It's just a little sensitive. It almost imperceptibly hurts at the end of the day and is a bit strained after a gym session or at least it was. It's not quite enough suffering for me to justify quitting Jim or really worrying about it. I can imagine if I push myself even harder in the gym. I have numerous niggling little injuries and I would be willing to experiment with a research. Chemical LIKE BBC. One five seven that hacks healing from a two thousand eighteen paper that explains it's wide ranging NGO Genyk effects quote. Bbc One five seven using same regimens like in Gastro Intestinal Healing Studies improves tendon. Ligament and bone healing accurately implementing its own NGO genyk effect in the healing. Thus we claim that just be one seven represents in practice a pharmacological and path you physiological role of various Jack Growth Factors and angiogenesis. For those who are curious means the birth of new blood cells. A bio hacker on longevity reports that it mitigated his carpal tunnel quote. The results have been little short of astounding. The very next day I saw market improvement. I have a number of problems that seem to be. Tending or connective. Tissue related. Might Wrist has bothered me. A lot for over a year might be carpal tunnel. Since it's in that area. I had to switch hands using the mouse which I am now used to doing next morning. The wrist did not bother me. I have lower back aches and pain for decades. If Big Pharma had been able to patent it would cost five hundred dollars a milligram and people would buy it. If one dose makes that much improvement people would pay lucky for us. It's dirt cheap. Even if you pay fifty dollars for vile as many charge. You will get your money's worth if it's the real thing my theory is that the BBC One. Five seven may have caused the swelling and inflammation in the tents to subside. That is something. That could have happened overnight. If they are not so tightly packed around through that area that would relieve much of the stress and could account for some or all of the pain relief the other areas with tendon discomfort are doing better to medical studies have shown it speeds the healing of tendons and can cause a tendon to reattach after several win. It did not do so on. Its own boy that anecdote about carpal tunnel is great news for those of us that just spend an ungodly amount of time on the computer and have some justifiable worry about things like carpal tunnel next mention arthritis treatment one of the first studies that may be one five seven stand out among research chemicals found it highly effective intriguing arthritis after a two week course of administration quote as a therapy of established atrovent arthritis. It's salutory effect consistently appeared already after two weeks of medication and it could be clearly seen after one year of application next BBC One. Five seven as a growth factor. Hack BBC One five. Seven stimulates growth factor EEG F. One and E. G. R. One nerve growth factor nerve growth is great. It empowers neuro plasticity. The capacity of the mind to change adapt and heal itself. All we can attribute the new effects. Some report to the nerve growth stimulation. One of the few animal studies done outside of Croatia was done by a Taiwanese team of researchers in two thousand seventeen. It concluded that one. Five seven accelerates the blood flow recovery and vessel number. It often.

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