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News ten PM or ten AM Pacific one PM eastern time also you know what I've heard the term fluid fan this week thank god for college football that coming up a one twenty PM eastern I think Joe Westen very good to be in an empire I think angel Hernandez a goofball I do think that they're better than Optimus prime and the reason is is for this now this is hard to hear it's hard to hear everything goes Aaron Boone says a lot of cuss words in this but here's Aaron Burr Aaron Boone earlier this week from the Yankees getting tossed by brother Miller hit that's a boon getting thrown out of the game by Brenda Miller who's a younger I'm higher in Major League Baseball the older guys usually don't get it like that especially when it comes the balls and strikes there's a little bit more respect for Britain Miller Astor earn his wings just like everybody else in any other walk of life in Britain Miller decided to use the power that's given to him by Major League Baseball and toss there and boom from an entertainment standpoint that's part of the game I love I think it should be encouraged I'm glad that they left that up two years ago Terry Collins had that same type of interaction with the umpires when they were trying to get their shot after their guy got hit now I'm not trying to get into a whole conversation about throwing a guys you know I'm not a big fan of thrown a guys I think it's kind of goofy if you have some sort of an argument you should be able to go out there and dropped the glove and go out and if you really want to your grown men and it's part of my entertainment they do it in hockey you can do it in baseball I don't know if you should be taking baseball's we throw ninety plus miles an hour in throwing that people were talking about fan safety out there obviously it's very very dangerous but beside the point Terry Collins one up there and certainly made his opinion known and I got ripped out by Major League Baseball very very quickly I loved it I love what he did I love that there was that are you and I love that the umpire was saying our **** in the jackpot jackpot over it because I don't know what any of that meant I got to know that because that that's the fun of being miked up I think there should be more like the people in baseball when we watch the all star game there's players miked up I'm getting ideas I think it's fun I think there should be more of it you we don't have to have conversations with the play by play broadcasters but I think I want to hear a guy might up into the drops a couple of four letters yeah you know what maybe so be it maybe we try to tell not to but I think it makes it more interesting I'm not trying to to dial down the game I'm not trying to make an awful that's not what I'm trying to do it is a little bit more entertaining and that is language that they use and they've used for hundreds of years and we know that they've done and that's what makes it kind of fun but then the record right there just from the entertainment standpoint up makes me think that the Selena klieg idea that they rolled out last week eight such a great idea people think well why why is that the case we don't we wanna consistence right so the whole problem with Brenda Miller said a strike zone was terrible there was a second inning in Aaron Boone in its own way without they're telling him to clean it up fix your strike zone this is ridiculous he's a good pitcher but this is ridiculous fix your strike zone in a weird roundabout way he was encouraging Brendan millet bread and milk I think that's the fun we messed with baseball I think that's the fun we miss with sports if we continue to do this what happened couple years ago now with Jesse James with the Pittsburgh in patriots game I thought was ridiculous because when you look at see something whether or not it's a touchdown then we have a conversation whether or not it's a catch Chuck knoll called this out years ago when they first started talking about whether or not they should put in re player whether they shouldn't put an replaced Chuck knoll could have been more right than anybody else I've ever heard on it when he said you don't want to put in reply because you'll start looking for things that aren't there and here we are twenty years later we're looking for things that aren't there takes away from the game not as much fun we watch baseball it even though it's the right call you know your blood boils or maybe you've just got used to it when yeah guy's foot comes a quarter of an inch off the bag but they have it on tape in sense they got it on tape and they've been they've had themselves a review of it that guy's got to be out that kinda sucks what also kinda sucks is an umpire made out of a robot calling balls and strikes because I still feel and nobody's been able to give me a good answer about this and maybe Tom can maybe zim can maybe you can eight five five two one two four CBS where I think part of the fun of the game or the challenge of the game is when you have a guy in there to Iniesta protect because ultimately the reason you protected you don't know what's going to actually be called a ball which actually gonna be called a strike five I'm bodhran five thousand back there and not Joe Wester enjoy Hernandez I feel that I'm bodhran five thousand is always going to be able to dial in my strike zone in me as a professional baseball player and regardless of a two hundred hitter or four hundred and I'm playing Major League Baseball so I have to be pretty damn good at hitting I'll probably be able to factor in my strike zone and figure out pretty quickly what I'm bodhran five thousand is going to call a ball or strike I think it takes away protecting I think it takes away chasing pitches I think it takes away painting quarters I think it takes away really what made pictures in the nineties great what makes pictures now great it takes that part of the fun of it away I'm about technology I'm about analytics I'm getting used to that idea warning to that idea there are certain things that we need and I don't think that launch angles are going to change anytime soon guys get paid more money to hit home runs it's just the simple fact of it they'll get paid to hit more home runs over time so they're gonna try to hit more home runs that means launch angle here to stay it means chopping the ball no one no more big long sloping swings that's gonna be all that shocked all that direct to all launch angle all that conversation that stays because ultimately the players make more money because of it and continue to make more money because because we all like home runs but if I take a wave that factor which is the human element and certainly not perfect I think I lose a little bit of the fun of the game and I think I lose the entertainment aspect of the game I'm not trying to live in a cave and tell you not what's supposed to be in the future Major League Baseball well you know when you go to a Major League Baseball game or minor league baseball game when that manager comes out of that dugout and he has a conversation with the umpire and that conversation continues and continues and starts to get heated and starts to get a animated and that'll pyre turns around and gives him the year out here sign and then the manager gets really really upset you know you start clapping you know you get excited that's there's certain things that are just fun about the game football has touchdown celebrations hockey has fights the NBA has their thing Major League Baseball they have arguments with the umpire and they also have things were you got to be able to protect you have to be able to get a bat on the ball slap one file just to stay alive and I think if we get rid of the Joe west of the world while yeah I don't have to complain about Joe Wester or angel Hernandez and I replace them with the robot from rocky for I don't think I'm having as much fun as I am uncle Polly's robot doesn't make as much fun and I don't think he makes the baseball game any better the strike zones more accurate I think you'll have more walks I think you have more pitches right down the pike I think you have more fastballs I don't think you'll see anymore sliders I know the sinkers something of the past but I don't think you'll see anymore the curve balls I don't think you'll see anymore that stuff forgetting guys forgetting about guys chasing pitches being tantalized by pitches a guy coming up in the seventh inning knowing that the strike zone is a little bit lower the need to protect a little bit low because the guy behind the plate that conversation is lost I think I'd rather have it the old way I'd rather have the way were yeah baseball can be a little bit archaic at times not as much fun as what some of the other sports can be just because of the whole argument about the pace of the player whatever but what makes baseball fun it what makes the game fun which makes Major League Baseball fun is that yeah I got a bar comes out there and certainly speaks his mind about and sometimes gets thrown out sometime gets thrown out on purpose that takes it away Aaron Boone Terry Collins to Fred coated with the and you know the gift that I'm talking about with those type of things does make it fun I don't think it makes as much fun time maybe you disagree maybes in disagrees with me I'm not sure but when I see the thing about the the the Atlantic league coming out here yeah man I know that pars aren't always positively the best at it but I'd rather have a human feel to it I don't know how you feel I totally completely agree just a couple details from this Atlantic league try out today doing so far yeah what they what they have the home plate umpire remains vinyl play just like you would any other time they actually I'm not exaggerating any of this they have in your pot an apple your pot in the umpires right year that he hears ball or strike and any as an iPhone in his back pocket that I guess communicate through Bluetooth to that your pot and say it's all coming from you know upstairs and so you'll still see the armed giving the call that strike calls as though is normal but he's just getting the ball or strike straight into his ear from from the robot which is better than like a blinking light or something which is kind of what I thought might happen and also apparently the robot is prone to calling higher and lower strike some players are used to it's obviously a consistent zone but it's a little bit bigger those the two things they've gotten from it so far but I I don't like any of it so I can embrace amen error though in these sports and a lot of sports fans just can't deal with it anymore and I just give that that some of the thing that I can't stay a part of what part of what makes sports interesting certainly professional sports is the is the inventor of human there is the advent of questioning whether or not the guy even has good intentions because of it sorry there are place for the conversations about the Tim Donaghy is the world we always wonder that you go back to the caves them I don't speak your language Jimmy Johns would say themselves you can't go up the Notre Dame stadium and let the rest aside because you're gonna have eighty thousand priests in the stadium and they're always going to make sure that Notre Dame gets the last laugh that's part of the fun of it that's part of the romanticism of professional sports I think anything that they allegedly do not everything that the include doing is doing is completely off I don't like the whole interpretation of checks wings I think being able to take off to first base the first base is unoccupied basically at any time as long as the ball is dropped I think that's kind of fun I'd like.

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